This is why…

People in the Alt Right talk about black crime, the media constantly covering for them, and the correlation between race and IQ.

Just sayin’….

The last time I checked, those who want to commit a crime generally don’t want to get caught and don’t want people knowing about their intentions. Even if they’re premeditated. 

But then again… there are always exceptions. 

One thought on “This is why…

  1. At some point white people’s patience will end. It’s already ended over the endless cries of “racism.” It will soon end over the deliberate attempts to suppress race-correlated crime statistics. What follows will be ugly.

    A little earlier I was arguing with someone who protested that “They’re not all like that.” “True!” I said. “But the 75% who aren’t “like that” protect the 25% who are, by screaming “racism” and other pejoratives when the law attempts to correct them. The consequences will envelop them all, quite possibly as I narrated here.

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