The Mean Girls of Sci-Fi | ft. Jon Del Arroz

The Mean Girls of Sci-Fi | ft. Jon Del Arroz

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2:35 How Jon Del Arroz met Andrew Breitbart
3:40 The anti-male attitude in SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America)
7:30 Recent pushback on Jon’s journalism
11:25 Jon’s periscope reporting
13:45 SJWs goading violence since Charlottesville
17:00 Trying and failing to build a bridge with dialogue
20:00 SJWs target Jon’s family
22:30 How right wing authors will defend their own
25:55 Are more people waking up?

“What we need is more people producing content, more people being teachers, more people being entertainers who are on our side who don’t hate us to show the way and to show that it’s not going to be a painful process for people who want to come down the line and try to be in these fields.”

“I determined it was about 4-1 males to females who were submitting (writing material to magazines), but on the flip side, females were being published more than males. So when you break it down from the submissions, the odds of getting accepted as male vs female, as a female your odds of getting accepted are about 3x as high as it is if you’re a male.”

“The people who follow me and the people who buy my books are so loyal. If you’re thinking of coming out of the closet (as a right winger), the people who are behind you, behind me now, and behind Bre now, they are such loyal people. They’ll do anything.”






A BANNED Argument for Human Subspecies

This video was banned from YouTube, but uploaded to Bitchute.

I once had a former friend who called me up to end the friendship because I made the same claim from this video on my blog. That the human race has subspecies. We have different IQ’s, different immune systems, different brain sizes, different skeletal structures when examined by modern scientific study of genomes. But claiming such in a world driven by fanatical egalitarianism is heresy, punishable by deplatforming, firing from one’s job, public humiliation, and so forth. 

Human biodiversity is the new plate tectonics. It’s the new evolution. Both of which were controversial when they were first proposed as legitimate science. And it’s my sincere hope that one day saying you don’t believe in human biodiversity, will be held in the same regard as those who might still claim that the Earth is indeed flat.

Here’s a link to the video, narrated by Tara McCarthy.

PhilosophiCat | How to Talk to Liberals | 27Crows Radio


In This Episode We Explore

4:25 PhilosophiCat’s journey toward nationalism
8:00 Essential European values
12:40 Immigration doesn’t promote assimilation
18:33 What is rhetoric and why should we use it when talking to liberals?
22:11 Investment in an opposing narrative
23:00 Red pilling your girlfriend
26:18 Are civic nationalists just people pleasers?
28:20 What have we lost as a culture?
31:20 What is a “slippery slope” fallacy?
32:00 Acting out past trauma in LGBT community


“I think Europeans need to look to their real history and ancestry to define themselves, rather than let our enemies define who are through media and schools.”

“Mass immigration is an obvious catastrophe. If you’re going to sell something so insane to a population you have to try to justify it somehow. I think they hijack white people’s natural inclination for empathy and altruism kind of like weaponized empathy.”

“I like to focus on how to get people to detach emotionally from their beliefs before you assail them with this entirely new narrative. Instill doubts in their mind, ask leading questions, and don’t spoon feed them conclusions. Nobody likes being told what to think. People are so much more accepting of a new ideas if they think they thought of it first.”




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Women’s World Gymnastics USA Team Selection

The USA Gymnastics YouTube channel has been teasing its fans with little blips of the country’s top gymnasts from Nationals by showcasing their performances at the Karolyi Ranch in Texas. Once again, don’t get me started on the Karolyis. Their abuse of Dominique Moceanu should have had them barred from coaching, but I digress.

My two favorites for this year are Ragan Smith and Morgan Hurd. Ragan is fun, spunky, great form, much how I saw Madison Kocian. She has the same cute flare with the skills to back it up. Morgan is lean, elegant, and her form is unlike anything I’ve seen since Courtney McCool (prior to the college weight gain… not sure how that happened because she was such a lean and lovely gymnast. Almost like a ballerina). I one day want to find out how the hell Hurd keeps on those glasses, but regardless, she’s a joy to watch.

In other news (which isn’t really news but I find it interesting because I’m slightly behind on gymnastics stuff), is that Aliya Mustafina of Russia is making a comeback after getting married and giving birth. Quite a task given that one’s body changes after that. Most gymnasts who retire don’t come back. Or if they attempt to, they don’t do so successfully. Maintaining the physique is too much maintenance and getting it back after losing it is kinda like climbing Mt Mordor. Just don’t even attempt it unless you’re dead serious. I’m excited to see her though. Always like her style and grace. 

Viktoria Komova of Russia is also trying for a comeback. I doubt either gymnast will appear until late fall or maybe even winter. It just takes too darn long to get back into that kind of shape. Komova is a tough case. I like her long lean and elegant form, and she’s cursed with silver medals. All. The. Time. Poor thing. But then again, she hasn’t shown the best sportsmanship. Neither has Aliya. The Russians are known for their divas and I despised Svetlana Khorkina from start to finish. I always thought she looked like a gangly thing with limbs for days that she could barely control, but others thought she was ballerina like. I never saw it. Then she went and proved her degenrate status by having a kid out of wedlock, in the US (a country she consistently bashed), then refused to name the father because apparently… he was married. What a class act. And her attitude when she and her teammates ripped off their silver medals in the 96′ Games… well, that was the first time I saw her or any of the Russians. At least when the USA gets silver they’re humble about it and don’t whine. The Russians are known for whining. Anything less than a gold is an ultimate failure and slap in the face. And I grade sportsmanship along with everything else.

Here’s a look at Ragan and Morgan. I’ll be rooting for them.


Thoughts on Moving

I’ve spent the last two weeks packing up to move. And during that time, some relatives decided it was time to move as well. So basically I’m moving twice over as I help out. As I work at packing up memories, putting them into boxes, deciding what is a necessity, what needs to go, and seeing that I like my space the more bare it gets, I got to thinking about what is truly essential to me. What items do I really need and use? The old minimalist in me was coming out.

Another part of me lamented over the fact that I don’t know where things are going. I often don’t. To be honest I’ve spent many years not knowing where I would be in six months. Working one job or another, going to get one degree, graduating, getting another job, then circumstances would change in an instant. I’ve lived in more houses than I can count. I’ve lived in another country. I’ve never lived in a single place for longer than four years. And here I am, hitting the four year mark, and I’m leaving again.

Only this time around, it’s for newer and better things. But the stress of moving puts me off of wanting to do it again. Or to at least dump half my stuff so it’s never this difficult ever again. But then maybe my judgement is skewed because I’m moving my stuff and some family stuff. It’s a lot of stuff. I’m beginning to hate stuff. There’s some stuff I need… but we live in an age where decadence means having all the stuff. Eww. Did I mention how much I hate malls? Where people go to get all the stuff?

So if anyone is wondering where the hell I’ve been… why blog posts are sporadic or why I haven’t posted a video, that’s why. I also needed a break from the drama of it all as the in fighting is making me black pilled. So stop it. We newbies need white pills to keep fighting. The in fighting does not help.

This is time to reflect is time to recharge. And time to recharge means an opportunity to hopefully come back stronger than ever. I’ll hopefully be fully moved into my new place in a week and a half. Then it’s crunch time to catch up on things.

Ukrainian Nationalists Are Based

Don’t protect the LBGT community over a child’s innocence. Ever.

A book highlighting different types of families, including one headed by a lesbian couple, has been pulled from a large book fair in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv over fears of possible violence.

The book, Maya And Her Moms, has sparked an outcry on social media and elsewhere, with religious-conservative and nationalist groups lambasting the book and liberals defending it.

Ukrainian authorities have increased their support for gay rights since a pro-Western government took power following the Euromaidan protests in 2014. In 2015, a law was passed banning workplace discrimination against the LGBT community.

In what was seen as a positive step, a gay-pride parade went off largely without incident in Kyiv in July, a far cry from a similar event in 2015.

But critics say homophobic attitudes remain widespread, as illustrated by the potentially violent reaction to the book, written by the well-known Ukrainian author Larysa Denysenko.

Maya And Her Moms tells the story of 17 children from 17 different types of families, including Maya’s, which is headed by a lesbian couple. The book also tells the story of a child conceived through artificial insemination; another whose parents are migrants; and a child from a divorced family.

Denysenko has indicated that showing that families come in different sizes and types was not her only intention.

“I try to convey the message that a child needs a loving family where they feel protected, and it does not matter how it is labeled by anyone,” she reportedly wrote on her Facebook page.

Thanks to her efforts to promote understanding and tolerance, Denysenko — along with two other Ukrainian authors, Iyubko Deresh and Mariana Savka, — was named a “goodwill ambassador” of the United Nations on September 9.

Maya And Her Moms was to be featured at the Lviv Book Forum on September 15 during a discussion on children’s literature but was pulled on September 11 after the event’s organizers and city officials received warnings.

“Publisher,” the Ukrainian publishing firm behind the book, explained that 15 organizations, including a local branch of the ultranationalist Right Sector, had sent a letter to the book forum’s organizers earlier this month, urging them to drop the book from the event.

I supported the LGBT community back when I was a liberal. I was told like so many others that it was normal and that they were just two human beings in love. It wasn’t until I learned how the left would more than willingly kill homosexuals in exchange for Islam that I began to look deeper.

At the end of the day, I don’t care if someone identifies as homosexual. I think they are more likely to end up dying an early death or being unhappy because that’s what all medical studies and statistics have showcased (and not due to a lack of tolerance from the public mind you). But at the end of the day, it’s their choice. Even if more and more surgeons are needed to sew up their enlarged holes because…well… we don’t need to go there. Yeah, that’s a thing. And it’s gross.

But don’t put this stuff in children’s TV shows, their movies, or their literature. A child’s innocence is the most important thing. It’s what helps to carry forward a strong generation.

Just last week a kindergarten teacher was discovered to have been teaching her kids about transgenderism. The kids came home crying because they didn’t understand and they started questioning their own gender. NOT OKAY. NOT EVER EVEN IN THE SLIGHTEST WAY IS THAT OKAY!

This is why I admire the Ukrainians right now. They said no. They told this author that they wouldn’t tolerate what she was pushing. I hope we see more actions such as this. And I hope more people are brave enough to withstand the social bullets that come along with saying, no, I’m not okay with the LGBT community. Sixty years ago crowded university audiences laughed when speakers told them that there was a growing “queer” lobby in Washington, D.C. You’re not laughing now, are you?

Daddy Breakup?

I know we all feel one way or another about Milo. I liked him when I was Alt Lite, then I started realizing why the Alt Right didn’t like him as I became more racially aware. Making a speech about how one should ignore race and not trust those who discuss it certainly makes me irritated to say the least. Then there was the radio show scandal which we don’t need to get into.

With that being said, he’s dead on with this particular interview he gave. Regardless of how you may feel about Milo, he’s a good gateway drug for those who are curious enough to keep digging into the core issues like I was. Gorgo, the wonderful Australian Alt Right YouTuber has said the same. I ask you to listen to it. Because everything he says here is true.

If Trump goes through with DACA and signs this bullshit “white supremacist” condemnation document, his base will abandon him to the wolves on the left and warmongering neocons. And once American falls, it all will start crumbling down.