Harvey Reveals Patriarchy in Action

What do you think will be the most triggering to liberals right now?

The fact that it was predominantly white males who came to the rescue of minorities during Hurricane Harvey?

Or that they needed the white male patriarchy to come save their asses after all?

Funny how the narrative of how strong the city is for coming together is circulating, isn’t it? When in reality the majority of pictures and videos I see are white males rescuing minorities who voted against their interests. Especially the images coming from the coast. Funny how that works.

Now rescuers are being shot at by black looters trying to save them. Memories of Hurricane Katrina are flooding back. Pun intended.

Screenshot (67)

And as for anyone saying the city should have been evacuated, it has a population of 2.3 million (not counting illegals) and evacuations were attempted prior to Hurricane Rita. It was a complete disaster. Not to mention that the residents were told the storm would mostly go west of them. They had about 36 hours notice and hardly enough time to get to the stores to buy food and water before the shelves were cleaned out.

How do I know?

I live here. My family is fine. My loved ones made it without indoor flooding, thank goodness. But the devastation is right outside my doorstep. I went out to see some of it today. Bass Pro Shop is lending out their boats to people to help with rescues. I can hear the helicopters going out to make rescues as I type this.

They’re calling this a 500 year storm because it saw flooding in areas the geologically speaking never showed signs of flooding in previous centuries. But that won’t stop blame from being placed on someone. Of that I’m certain.

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