Out of Ideas?

One of my main criticisms of mainstream publishers is that they drop debut authors at the first opportunity. They don’t come up to bat for them, spend extra on advertising for them, or even help them with a book launch unless the author is exceedingly lucky or pushed for a particular social justice reason.

This is how you know the publishers are out of ideas as far as how to market, how to produce good content, and how to bring on new authors who can revive a publishing house.

Screenshot (66)

Publishing houses in the 80’s and 90’s released wonderful stories by Orson Scott Card, Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan and the like. Men who knew the sci-fi/fantasy genre and produced heroic tales where men were heroic, women were feminine and desirable, and dragons were slain by the good. Publishers like Tor still make the majority of their money from those very authors and stories they released two decades ago over the social justice driven degenerate garbage they release now. Tor is at the top of that degenerate list.

A few years ago, Tor did the same thing for Scalzi. They gave him an obscenely large advance in the millions of dollars. He promptly got writer’s block and when he did release a book, it was less then mediocre. In fact, a parody novel was written before it even debuted because the excerpts released on it were so terrible.

This is Tor yet again throwing all their eggs into one basket and hoping for a miracle. In reality, what could actually save them is dumping their SJW degenerate authors, bringing in new blood (primarily male because the women are obsessed with pushing feminism and that doesn’t sell sci-fi to a majority white male audience), and release new attractive editions of the novels written by authors such as Orson Scott Card, Terry Goodkind and Robert Jordan who brought in the big bucks. And were… dare I say it… patriarchal white males.

Think of all the huge sci-fi/fantasy novels of the last fifteen years. Harry Potter, Hunger Games, etc. None of them were published by Tor books. Because this is what they pursue. Authors with degenerate SJW agendas that are causing their sales to drop, even though they won’t admit it.

I hear Schwab’s latest novel included a gay sex scene at the end. And that it was primarily targeted at teens. She also loves talking about her lesbian pursuits on OkCupid via her Twitter to her young audience. Degeneracy confirmed. I rest my case.

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