There’s one question here that must be asked. What is a Nazi according to liberals now? Ask and you’ll get an answer that will frighten you. A Nazi is anyone who disagrees with them.

Screenshot (65)

It’s always been the goal of Antifa to create violence and chaos. That’s why they were created decades before these idiot millennials went to university and got brainwashed by their Marxist professors into thinking their ideas regarding society and culture are unique.


Where Antifa goes, violence inevitably follows. They will do whatever necessary to smear anyone who disagrees with their world as a Nazi. As inhuman. As unworthy of existing. These people don’t differentiate between slightly right of center or libertarian.

Don’t like immigration? You’re a Nazi. Don’t like globalism? You’re a Nazi. Believe in racial differences? You’re a Nazi. Believe in traditionalism? You’re a Nazi. Believe that borders should be enforced? You’re a Nazi. Believe there are only two genders? You’re a Nazi. 

Our enemies don’t see a difference between someone who is mildly pro gun and the guy in the woods who hoards them. Anyone not on board with their world view is a Nazi, and therefore worthy of violence.

Earlier this week a man was stabbed because he had a haircut that’s loosely associated with the Alt Right. If that doesn’t tell you something, nothing will. 



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