James Allsup Schools Millie Weaver on the Alt Right

“Unless we stop legal and illegal migration, we will not have a country. Texas goes blue, and it’s done. Texas goes blue and our country is gone. We need to stop migration now!”

– James Allsup

I’ve followed InfoWars on and off for a year. During the election it was all fun. But when things got real after Hailgate, I lost interest. Primarily because InfoWars was cucking so hardcore that it made me visibly cringe. 

Alex Jones has said repeatedly that he’s a libertarian who doesn’t care if the country goes brown as long as it’s occupied by immigrants who love freedom, the Constitution, and of course… their guns. Problem is, as Allsup states, Hispanic immigrants vote 70-30 for the left. Asians vote 70-30 for the left. Blacks vote 90-10 for the left. Adding more brown (especially with r/K selection theory regarding breeding practices) means the country will not only go to the left, it will go hardcore authoritarian socialist hell hole left. It will become Brazil with nuclear weapons. 

Demographics is destiny. Period.

I don’t care how many based Hispanics Alex Jones talks to. It won’t change demographic decline. 

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