Ragan Smith Takes the Gold

Not only does Ragan Smith get the award for one of the prettiest leotards I’ve ever seen, she won Nationals. Seriously. Why weren’t the leotards like this back in the 90’s because damn!?

Now few people are probably aware that I have an obsession with gymnastics. I once was a gymnast. I made it to level 7 optionals just before a back injury that ended my love affair with gymnastics. At least in a physical sense. But I still watch it all the time. I’ll watch competitions from ten years ago when I’m bored. Because I’m a nerd for it.

I pegged Ragan Smith to be the winner this time around long before Nationals started. She’s tiny, elegant, and a powerhouse of strength, attitude, and cuteness.

This is what I mean by ‘getting away.’ Watching this competition *cough cough* going on three times now is an escape for me. Expect reports on various women’s gymnastics events and happenings in the future because I seriously can’t help myself and this is my blog. Therefore my world.

And while I’m on the topic… Abi Walker at the 43:22 mark. What a freaking cutie! That hair! That lipstick! That leotard! Those handstands on bars! I cannot handle the cuteness. A bit of a meltdown on beam, but that’s okay. She’s got time to hone her skills.

If you follow these gymnastics related posts in the future prepare for rants on the Karolyis. Because I hate them.


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