Getting Away

Tonight as I get ready to go to sleep, I wanted to briefly discuss the importance of getting away from it all.

This weekend my boyfriend took me to a museum with a special exhibit we both wanted to see. We spent hours wondering through the ages of history and various artifacts that we both found equally fascinating. Then we went out to eat Greek food at one of my favorite restaurants. I tried my hardest the entire weekend to stay away from social media. I didn’t always succeed, but I tried, and that’s what counts.

The point is….. I went only about 48 hours without really looking into what was going on in the world. I felt like a normie for a little while. A slightly derogatory term we use for those who aren’t awake to the horrible societal decay we’re currently experiencing as a result of the death of liberalism.

In short, it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a very long time.

It’s important to spend some time not consuming political content. To not consume societal content. To not consume cultural content. To pick up a book, a favorite film, to walk through the forest, to do a favorite hobby that doesn’t involve the internet.

In order to continue fighting the good fight, we must continue fighting for the time that we don’t think about that which seeks to destroy us. Because in the end, we will only have those close to us. We will only have those memories and the precious moments with our loved ones.

Get away from it all. By any means necessary. Take a day. Or two. Or a week. I give you permission.

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