Domains & Website Hosting, the New Political Frontier

Over the weekend, Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer wrote an article concerning the young woman who was killed in Charlottesville as the result of a car slamming into unprotected counter protesters who were running wild in the streets. We still don’t know if this act was deliberate, if the driver was a lone wolf, or if he was just terrified. As more evidence comes out, it appears as though his car was attacked and he was trying to get away from a mob of crazy leftists. Anglin wrote a rather critical piece about the young woman who died being fat, ugly, childless, and basically a waste of space.

It was nothing different from countless articles he’s written in the past. He’s written equally horrifying content about other people. Well, horrifying to others. Not me. I personally don’t care and I’ve always seen the Daily Stormer as a rather troll-ish site that consistently forces people to question where they stand on things. It breaks boundaries. You might not like those boundaries, but that’s what it does. And do you think for a single second that the left would agonize over an Alt Right person dying at the hands of a crazy car incident the way they did this woman? No. Did you see the tweets being sent out by them the day Phyllis Schlafly died? The left only cares about death when it’s one of their own. They even celebrated Baked Alaska potentially going blind as a result of a communist counter protester throwing a chemical acid mixture in his face.

And you know something? This is your test. Do you stand for free speech or don’t you? We don’t judge free speech by the speech that we like. We judge it by the speech that we don’t like. And if you say, “yes, Anglin has free speech but… this was terrible. But… he shouldn’t have written this. But… blah blah blah.” If you include that but, you don’t believe in free speech.

Under intense social pressure,, their domain site for website registration emailed Anglin to notify him that he had twenty-four hours to move his domain name to another host. He’s still trying to get the website operational.

Now whether or not you like or hate the Daily Stormer isn’t the point. The point is that domain registration and website hosting is the new political frontier. This is how we will lose our platforms and free speech in the future. People can say that we must build our own platforms, but where? When we lose hosts or even our domain names, we lose our voice. And not everyone knows or wants to know the ways of the dark web in order to get their websites operational again.

This will be used as a means to destroy websites of Alt Right content creators. We need new platforms yesterday. But building them takes time and people knowledgeable enough to do it.

Liberals always say that companies are privately owned and can do what they want… until a white Christian baker doesn’t want to bake a gay wedding cake. Then it’s some civil rights bullshit. But the more these companies are pressured to pander to leftists who take a mile if you give an inch, the more we stand to lose our voices entirely.

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