They’re Coming for More

The events of yesterday will undoubtedly be used as a means to bring down every statue symbolizing “white male oppression,” meaning our Founding Fathers, our culture, our history, and our race.

Jennifer Rubin‏
It’s time to get rid of the statues and get rid of the alt-right heroes in the White House.

Ben Shapiro‏
The so-called alt-right is an evil movement having nothing to do with – and actively opposing – Constitutional conservatism. 

Elliott Hamilton‏
I have said before that white nationalism is a mental illness. I stand by it still. This form of tribalism is deplorable and evil.

When invaders take over a nation, one of the first things they do is try to tear down monuments and destroy social cohesion. The Alt Right has always known that. We know what the stakes are. And disavowing the Alt Right, punching right, or counter signaling is only going to make it inevitable for those in the Alt Lte to come our way.


For those of you feeling black pilled this morning, keep in mind that many people who have an IQ higher than two digits will see the Periscopes and observe what really happened in Charlottesville. Whites as a group were told they have no voice. They have no rights. They don’t have free speech. They were singled out as a group and told they were unlawful in their presence after receiving a federal permit to peacefully assemble. The left took the route that they claim to fear the most, and were quickly followed by the cuckservatives who conserve nothing. Singling out one group, race, or ethnic group and saying that they have no rights. And many have now seen that the Alt Right recognizes this threat for what it actually is. The intentional shutting out, shutting down, and dispossession of the white race.

This was a battle. Not the war.

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