Baked Alaska In ER

Baked Alaska is seriously hurt from the bear mace that was sprayed in his eyes yesterday. A man ripped off his sunglasses to spray him.

Baked Alaska™‏
 @bakedalaska 3h
Had to go to the hospital, eyes still in extreme pain and oozing. Vision very blurry thank you all for the continued prayers.

Baked Alaska™‏
 @bakedalaska 42m
Hospital has sent me to the ER, I was told there’s a large possibility I’ll have permanent eye damage. Keep me in your prayers thank you fam

Everyone who goes to a protest or rally knows there are certain risks involved. But think of the game change we’re experiencing. I never heard of women or men getting maced by leftists at rallies or protests until Trump’s run for president. Or of someone punching a horse. Remember that one? This is what the left has done to what was once peaceful demonstrations. 

Don’t say they should have expected it. You can say they should be better prepared or apprehensive. But don’t ever be so smug as to say, “well, they should have known that would happen.” It normalizes the fact that these protests have taken a turn to violence that wasn’t commonplace not even a couple decades ago. 

One thought on “Baked Alaska In ER

  1. Bre,
    I have a number of FASCISTbook friends that regularly post about the political goings-on and about the domestic terrorist groups antifa and blm. We all know their useless chunks of afterbirth would have made better people than these shits and how the cops STILL tend to ignore their duties regarding them and not arresting them on sight for insighting a riot or how they are allowed to carry blunt objects or other items as weapons. So I replied to one post thus:

    “I say patriots should be packing slingshots to this stupidity. Slingshots can fire anything but the best “ammo” for these things are steel ball bearings made just for slingshots. Since they are not handguns, then the politicians can’t blame them nor gun owners. The ammo fired from a sling shot isn’t going fast enough to penetrate skin like a bullet does so they are not fatal. And a big bonus is they are silent so there won’t be any loud noises creating panic and having you target run away. Get a couple of hundred biker, or regular, patriots at a rally like this with sling shots and these little shit stains will go running away every time. Also, slingshots don’t require background checks so even a patriotic 16 year with his family can have one. While one group (say of 25) shoots then reloads, another group can shoot while the first reloads, then a third group and a fourth and keep rotating to have constant fire. Kind of like when we fought a Revolution”

    Today’s slingshots are a good medium distance weapon, meaning you can hit a target a good 25 yards away which is perfectly out of distance for pepper spray, bear spray or piss balloons. Plus it you run out of steel balls you can always pick up some small rock and launch them also. If the antifa fags and the blm apes can get away with this kind of stuff without worries, why shouldn’t everyone else. They can’t directly point a single person out if 25 of them are all launching at once. Impossible to prove who hit who.

    So if you have connections, tell them about my idea. Perhaps it will spread far enough that people might actually do it and start fighting back instead of just standing around waiting to be blamed if some fag or ape smells a fart.

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