#DefendCVille Begins

When I went to bed last night, the #UniteTheRight rally had begun. I was regaled with memories of being a part of Charlottesville 1.0 and standing in the front row in Lee Park as Sam Dickson, Nathan Damigo, and Richard Spencer stood before everyone and spoke. We chanted “no more brother wars”, “you will not replace us”, and “Russia is our friend” (which was oddly the most triggering to the libtards).

I woke up this morning at 5 am in anticipation for today. The National Guard has rolled in. The Alt Right is ready should it come to battle. But I know that if the smallest riot or scuffle were to break out, the Alt Right will be blamed. If Antifa attacks us first, the Alt Right will be blamed. If we fight for our race and our heritage, we’re a bunch of KKK and Nazis. By the way, I find the boomer conservatives who call the left the real Nazis to be obnoxious these days. You know you’ve reached a new level of red pilling when “the left are the real Nazis” makes you want to gag.

I’ll be watching today and hoping people stay safe and that the Antifa are just as demoralized as they were at AmRen. Leaving after lunch to go home, smoke out of their bongs and questions whether or not their pee pee parts indicate a true gender or a spectrum.

No matter what side you’re on, you know Charlottesville 2.0 will be epic.

By the way, that torch lit march last night was a thing of beauty. Cville 1.0 was about 200 people. CVille 2.0 looks like 1K and will probably be more today. In five years? Who knows. But I can’t wait to watch as we grow stronger and stronger and libtards remain in a fog of not being able to understand why.



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