Walmart Should Have Doubled Down

Because this is freaking brilliant.

Screenshot (41)

I’ve thought for a very long time that the best work we could give our veterans coming home who can’t get jobs because some immigrant took it for a lower wage is to let them guard our kiddies while they’re at school. I can’t think of a veteran who wouldn’t take that job. A guard at every entry/exist. 

I’ve been in close proximity to school shootings twice now. I didn’t attend the schools, but I was nearby when they happened. An armed guard at each entry/exit would have solved the problem. 

I wouldn’t stop there either. Arm the teachers should they wish to be armed. Let them put the gun in a small digital safe under their desk or something. No more hiding in that bathrooms with all your students huddling in masses. Let the students get in there and let the teacher send the f*cker to meet his maker.

Guns stop crime. They don’t cause it. Libs saying guns cause violence is like saying seat belts cause car crashes. You don’t wear a seatbelt because you want to crash. You wear it so if you get in an accident, your odds of surviving are greatly increased.

Walmart should have run with this and had some balls. If nothing else, it made my day. But they apologized. Assholes.


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