YA Book Community Dissolving

For the sake of sparing my readers the drain of going through the entire article on my blog, I’ll link the beautiful article concerning the YA book community and it’s “problematic” problems right HERE.

Let’s just say, I love being right. The YA book community and publishing world is a toxic poisonous mess of idiot SJW thought police who have ruined author’s careers and proclaimed a book “racist” sometimes before an author is even done writing the manuscript. These people will never be satiated, no matter how many PoC you put in your book. Or how much you apologize for slavery and Jim Crow. And if you do include diversity, well you’re white therefore you have no right to write a book concerning an ethnic group or race that you know nothing about.

I’m seeing you’re liberal tears, BookTube, book blogger, agents, authors, and publishers. I’m bathing in them. I’m watching you tear each other apart. And I’m loving every second of it.

I could seriously do an entire podcast just reading from this article and commenting on it I might even do that later this week. 

2 thoughts on “YA Book Community Dissolving

  1. After reading your comments and skimming through the contents of the link, I’m reminded of what recently happened to “The Vagina Monologues”. Originally (in the 90s) hailed as a great feminist work, and now it is being attacked as a source of white privilege. At least one production was canceled, as I recall. When seeing this, I couldn’t help but think this is the left turning on itself, which is what we are seeing here.

  2. YA writers have access to the same resources as do we who write for an adult audience. I’ve received every variety of hate mail. I’ve been called “everything but white.” Reviewers have trashed each and every one of my books. And I still manage to write, publish, and sell. So I’d say those who find the YA “community,” assuming that phrase isn’t self-contradictory, to be unwelcoming or hostile should “grow a pair.”

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