Dictionary now SJW subverted

Here’s the NY Times tweet.

The New York Times

Trump administration wants to investigate colleges for discriminating against white applicants, document suggests

Here’s Dictionary.com’s response to it.


Dictionary.com Retweeted The New York Times
#AffirmativeAction = encouragement of representation of women & minorities

=/= discrimination against white people

The blatant truth is that minorities get a free pass when it comes to university entry and tuition fees. Whites, particularly white males always graduate with more student loan debt, then they’re lectured about being privileged while their only job opportunities are sucked dry from company diversity quotas. It takes a minimum of 40K to make a descent living and pay off student loan debt. But most jobs that pay that much these days have unreasonably high expectations on the job description. Others only pay $10/hour. And no, I’m not exaggerating. I’ve pillaged through thousands of job ads over the years.

Affirmative Action is nothing but an anti-white campaign to give merit to those who have never picked cotton and guilt those who have never enslaved. The average American taxpayer pays thousands of dollars a year that goes directly to the welfare state to help those “less fortunate” or minorities leeching off the system rather than getting a job. Then we’re told repeatedly that more reparations should be given.

More whites are waking up to the white guilt propaganda. But apparently even Dictionary.com isn’t safe from virtue signaling.


One response

  1. Dictionary.com isn’t *virtue signaling*, Bre. They are actively participating in the Big Racial Lie by using their resources for propaganda. They aren’t virtuous, they know it and they’re not trying to be. Rrather they are doing what leftists do: changing the language to subvert the culture.

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