The Raise Act Won’t Save Us

It might be a tiny step in the right direction, but the Raise Act still isn’t there. Not even close actually.

Why should we take in high IQ Indians or Asians to steal our high paying jobs rather than give them to those born here? I have a Muslim doctor, an Asian dentist, and Indian neighbors all around me. Not a single white doctor or dentist is even within a 15 miles radius.

This act won’t save us. It will actually make things worse for those countries who need those high IQ minds to make their own countries better and take jobs away from the smartest among our own people.

For those who are so concerned about the poor people in Africa or India or where ever else… you should be against this. Because those countries can’t make progress (I know how liberals love that word so I’m using it here) unless they keep those high IQ minds in their own lands to help them move forward.

3 responses

  1. Bunch of nonsense from Spencer this time. And first of all – Indians are low IQ, there isn’t 100 million of 130 IQ folks. In fact, Bell Curve suggests that there are only 150k Indians with IQ >= 130.

    • Yes, but the high IQ ones will get automatic preference over ppl born here. That’s the point. I see it everywhere. No white doctors or lawyers in my whole area. That will only get worse.

  2. You make an excellent point, Bre. Intelligent, well-educated 3rd worlders (especially from the medical professions) are forsaking their own people, when they migrate to the West. Hardly a behaviour to be admired. If they are prepared to forsake their own people for personal advantage, how are they going to behave towards us, who are not their people?

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