Diversity Police vs Dunkirk

Hmm… I seem to remember that I made a video saying almost the EXACT same thing back in September 2016. 

But Dunkirk is all about white males making sacrifices on pain of death rather than patriarchal white male privilege. We can’t have that.

In the words of Molyneux, “stop whining, stop complaining, and go make your own opportunities.”

You hear that eternally single, fat, ugly, unicorn haired booktubers, SJW book bloggers, and YA authors? The more you harp on, the less sympathy you’ll get. And the more you demand diversity where it clearly isn’t even remotely appropriate yet alone historically accurate, the more you’ll guarantee people ignore you.

But then again, it’s not about inclusion, is it? It’s about making sure that anything majority white is destroyed. Because nothing can be majority white without being occupied by horrible Hitler loving racist white supremacists.

In the end, Stefan is right. Lecturing these commies might raise awareness, but it won’t ultimately change anything. The farther away whites can get away and repel these minority bullies the better.

White ethno-state anyone?

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