Dragons Can Be Slain

Vox Day did a brilliant Periscope a couple nights ago that explained the reasons as to why modern literature is complete drivel.

Most of our lives we’re told what makes good literature or fiction. We sit in classrooms as teachers explain why this piece or that piece is a classic. The style and messages are didactic and often laborious to read. I escaped many of these boring books by going to the library and picking up something entertaining. I quickly discovered that while certain books were fun and great brain candy, books started going downhill around the time I got to college. In reality, the SJW subversion of publishing took place before that. But I didn’t even know what an SJW was at that point.

Most books these days are meant to be skimmed and not read word for word. Which is difficult for me. I can’t skim. I tried throughout the years and my brain needs to recognize each word. So when the trend became books that were meant to be skimmed and words didn’t have a deeper meaning to them, it made the task of reading that much harder. It felt like exactly that. A task. Not a fun activity.

I also found that the basic plotline of books didn’t appeal to me anymore. Take ‘Game of Thrones’ for example. I’m one of those assholes who has watched a good chunk of it, and decided I hate it. I tried reading the book and the fact that Martin spent something like ten pages describing a kid’s love for climbing trees made me want to drive pencils into my eyes. Then hearing Vox Day talk about GoT in a discussion with Stefan Molyneux helped me to realize why I didn’t like it. Not only was Martin a short, fat, bearded dwarf man who has very strange ideas about reality and women, the story only has maybe two couples with a normal relationship. The rest are either rape or incest. In fact, someone did a study of it and discovered that in the first couple of books, rape is referenced every fifteen pages. And the fact that people were calling this brutal and gross series “reality” and hailing it for showing what the world is really like drove me mad. This wasn’t reality. Incest and rape around every corner and brutality of this nature isn’t reality unless you join ISIS or live in North Korea. It’s the take of a truly deranged man who sits at his desk typing at a computer and fantasizing about rape and incest.

It was demoralizing.

I read books as a child to get away from reality. To go on an adventure. I always placed myself in the lead character’s shoes. Why? Because their lives were fun and exciting. And most of them didn’t have a math test on Friday to prepare for. So much more fun.

Vox Day repeats the notion in this linked periscope that books exist so that children know dragons can be slain. To give hope. To inspire. To moralize. Modern literature is meant to demoralize. It bring us down. To tell us how awful the world is. Not that we can conquer the dragon. Or if they do tell you to conquer the dragon, they place traditional values in place of the dragon who is oppressing helpless minorities or refugees.

Modern literature attempts to discredit reality in favor of teaching kids to follow their heart and that nothing matters. But very bad concepts. One that can lead to ruin in multiple ways and another that teaches them to live without hope.

Notice at the end of the Periscope how I asked if Castalia House was taking new authors. Vox says it’s by invite only. Excuse me while I go cry a little. 😉 #LifeGoals dashed to pieces. *sigh*



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