What happened?

IDFizGYeXgAAhsiEn case you haven’t heard, YouTube took down my interview with Richard Spencer yesterday evening.

I’ve heard rumors going around that SJWs are targeting Alt Right YouTube channels by flagging their videos en mass. If they can get three taken down, you’re banned for life. In order to avoid my entire channel being banned and my material lost, I made my videos private. They will probably remain so for three months. This isn’t an isolated incident as I saw SJWs in the comments section saying that’s what they were doing.

Now… the most common criticism I’ve received is that I should have expected this because Spencer…dare I say it… used the “N” word.

Now here’s the truth. I knew the video would probably get taken down from the moment he said it. I spent the two days that I edited the video debating on whether or not I should take it out. In the end I decided not to. Because that to me would be censoring my guest and it would be a cuck. I wouldn’t respect others who took it out therefore I wasn’t about to do it. Because we learn how we truly feel about free speech from what makes us uncomfortable, not what we like.

There are videos all over YouTube of blacks saying the “N” word to other blacks. There are countless rap songs on YouTube that include the “N” word. I heard most of my life that it was the worst word in the word. I started calling bullshit on that when I started hearing blacks call each other that as a practical term of endearment while visiting a friend in New York. And the anger most portray upon being called the “N” word from what I could see, was feigned. It was fake outrage. I’ve also been called cracker countless times. Call me crazy, but it tends to desensitize one from the “badness” of a word when they get called words by that group which are supposedly equally bad.

I don’t consider this to be a bad thing. It gives me an excuse to start building my other YouTube channel. I want to create a Periscope and build up an audience on Vimeo, which from what I’ve been told is much more friendly. It appears as though Red Ice uses that platform for their website. I intend to do the same. I’m only gonna grow from here.

In the meantime, I will be posting my podcast video editions to my other YouTube channel entitled 27Crows Radio. Please subscribe to it in order to receive new updates.

Oh, and that naughty interview I did with Richard Spencer… it’s on Vimeo now.

Suck it YouTube!



One thought on “What happened?

  1. Millennial Woes is putting videos on Vid.me and there’s also Minds.com. Have you got a Bitcoin account? Create a software wallet like Electrum or an online wallet at Blockchain.info. I wouldn’t trust Coinbase as they’re known to be busy bodies. BTC is way easier to use than you might think. I can walk you through it if you’d like.

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