The ADL Strikes!

Perhaps if the ADL wants the projection of hatred to stop, they should start by not spreading blatant lies.

The attack on so many people that I respect such as Lana Lokteff, Tara McCarthy, Vox Day, Brittany Pettibone, Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer and so many others just goes to show that the modern day leftist Jew truly doesn’t know who their friends or allies are. And perhaps even some on the right. None of the people listed in this article have said anything hateful. They’ve spoken the truth as they’ve seen it by raising awareness pertaining to white genocide, cultural Marxism, white dispossession, and if anything… Jewish supremacy.

For an organization that claims to be anti-defamation, this article is rather defaming. And a prime example as to why so many people question the motives of Jews. I’ve seen countless Jews claim that whites are the most racist people on the planet and that the browning of America doesn’t matter *cough cough* (((Shapiro))) *cough cough* while actively encouraging the removal of Arabs from Israel. I’ve seen countless Jews claim that those who point out racial differences as small as blacks being better at sports are horribly racist. I’ve seen countless Jews tell the white man that he must embrace more diversity while never practicing it in the organizations which they control (I’m talking to you CNN).

But the bright side of this is a rather comical one. Getting on the ADL or Jewish radar in general, means that these individuals are directly over the target. The more attention is drawn to them, the more normies hear our ideas. The more normies hear our ideas, the more they realize we’re right and on the path toward truth. The more they see the truth, the more they will grow increasingly skeptical of the Jewish control of our government, our borders, our education system, our media, and our culture. Which is exactly why they’re afraid.

The goyim know. And the more people the ADL points their finger at, the more they set a trap for themselves.

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