Don’t Fly Delta

I’ve already heard horror stories from people who have dared to fly Delta, but now I officially have a reason outside of lousy service to never fly with them.

Back when nearly everyone else on the planet seemed outraged at United Airlines over the violent de-seating of a paying passenger, Ann Coulter, as she so often does, shared her own unique take.

Unique as in… she didn’t appreciate being booted off for no reason. But she’s a white conservative female. Which according to Delta and the Washington ComPost isn’t an oppressed minority group so they can get away with it.

“Sorry about the dragging,” she wrote in April. “But convicted pill-mill doctor should be deported.”

The bloodied passenger had a criminal history and immigrated from Vietnam, you see.

But so much for Coulter’s nuanced take on air travel. On Saturday, she declared “the worst airline in America” to be not United, but Delta Air Lines — which allegedly committed the offense of de-seating Ann Coulter.

For her political beliefs mind you, not because of an overbooking error.

Coulter didn’t just slam Delta for moving her from her “PRE-BOOKED seat” with extra leg room (to another seat in the same row, according to the airline). She also documented the experience in photos and tweet after tweet, which she shared with her 1.6 million followers, not to mention the wider spectrum of people fascinated by things Ann Coulter does.

They’re fascinated because she’s ballsy and tells the truth. And if Delta didn’t want the extra attention, they shouldn’t be grand standing as if they have the moral high ground over Coulter.

So here is a member of the flight crew accused of “summarily snatching my ticket from my hand & ordering me to move w/o explanation, compensation or apology:”

Coulter also shared a photo of the woman who “waltz[ed in] at the last min” and took her seat, even though she is not “elderly, child or sick,” nor “an air marshal or tall person.”

Those are generally the people who others are forced to accommodate, so yeah… the outrage was legit. Instead she was simply moved because of another woman. Not other reason was given. As if flying isn’t bad enough already.

That woman and two other passengers stare at Coulter in the photo — perhaps wondering what will happen now that they have been photographed by the same unpredictable commentator who once wished assassination upon John Edwards, declined to condemn an abortion doctor’s murder and joked about poisoning a Supreme Court justice.

Wow WaPo… you’re really not showing your bias here at all. But the public is very much aware that you’re nothing but a left wing blog of political activists. You don’t actually report on anything.

Not pictured: Delta’s fritzy WiFi, which Coulter suspected was intentionally broken “to prevent passengers from tweeting from the plane about how they’re being treated.”

Coulter didn’t immediately reply to questions, including why she decided to photograph and publicize her co-flyer’s faces.

This was so clearly a joke to be ironical about the situation. How do you not know that?

“It appears her new seat was in the same row, just not the exact seat she had selected,” a Delta spokesman wrote to The Washington Post.

Was that why her ticket was snatched out of her hand and another female took her place, not a child, elderly, military or disabled person? Anyone with half a brain can see the bias here.

“It was an exit row seat (has extra leg room),” he wrote. “She was moved from an aisle to a window. Same space, a few seats over.”

Regardless, the spokesman said the airline would reach out to Coulter about her concerns on the New York-to-Florida flight.

I doubt that. Unless they want to moral police some more.

Don’t fly Delta! If Ann had been any other race, ethnicity or on the left, there would have been public outrage and sympathy. 


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