A White Pill on the Wall

We chanted “Build the wall” countless times. Maybe, just maybe, we were heard.


A must-pass Homeland Security funding bill proposed by House Republicans on Tuesday includes $1.6 billion to fund the beginning of a border wall along the Mexican border that President Trump promised voters in 2016.

The money in included in the fiscal 2018 Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill, which is up for a subcommittee vote on Wednesday.

The $44.3 billion measure pays for a broad array of federal security programs, including aviation security, border and immigration enforcement, customs, cyberterrorism protection, drug smuggling prevention and natural disaster response.

The legislation includes $1.6 billion for a “physical barrier construction along the U.S. southern border.”

The move will appease Trump and conservatives, but will likely set up a spending showdown with Democrats, who have pledged to block spending legislation that funds the wall.

The bill includes funding increases aimed at enhancing border security, including $100 million to hire 500 new border patrol agents and $106 million for new aircraft technology for use along the border.

This funding bill provides the resources to begin building a wall along our southern border, enhance our existing border security infrastructure, hire more border patrol agents, and fund detention operations,” said Homeland Security subcommittee Chairman John Carter, R-Texas. “Additionally, this bill will increase funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, support grants in cases of emergency and natural disaster, and provide critical resources to protect our cyber networks.”

The number one thing I continuously heard throughout Trump’s campaign by Never Trumpers was, “he won’t build the wall”. Well… it looks as though they may be proven wrong yet again. Or at least there’s hope.

The old argument of walls don’t work was about as ridiculous as they come. Israel has a wall. Norway has a wall. Even Mexico has a southern wall. But America building a wall? That’s just ridiculous? Who’s gonna pay for it? Who’s gonna guard? Who’s gonna inforce it? Who’s gonna hire the people to do it? How will it be built along rivers and uneven terrain? All silly questions that have answers even if we have yet to pin down the finite details.

The American experiment of putting lots of foreign people together and seeing if they could reach a common goal only worked as well as it did because prior to the 1960s, the dominate population was white western Europeans who valued small government. It worked because even though the Irish, English, French, Dutch, and Germans had different ethnicities, they were bound together by very real and genetic commonalities. The invaders from Mexico don’t share those commonalities. Or the values of small government. One only has to look at how many of them (particularly illegals) are on welfare to learn very quickly that they don’t share those values.

This is why the “we’re a nation of immigrants” is used as a weapon against Americans. We’re told that we came to this land as a melting pot from various areas. It worked once, therefore it will continue working. This is a lie. It worked because those pioneers, settlers, and explorers built the country up from nothing. There was nothing to steal. No infrastructure from a native population that didn’t even have the wheel. But now, there’s plenty for others to claim as theirs while they shit on the western Europeans who built this country. Oh, and those slaves everyone likes to accuse us of “building the back of this country” on… picked cotton. They didn’t build the White House. They didn’t build the Library of Congress. They didn’t construct the government. They picked cotton. We built this country and we have the right to protect it.

We’ve been generous enough. It’s time for a wall.

















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