#HeterosexualPrideDay Madness!

Heterosexuals unite on #HetereosexualPrideDay via Twitter… which has got to be the best hashtag ever created because it exposes the LGBT (rstuvwhatever….) for what it really is.

Amanda Deibert 🏳️‍🌈
 @amandadeibert 1h
1 hour ago
Please tweet me your struggles coming out as straight to your family. If they disowned you for it know we support you. #HeterosexualPrideDay

Muh victimhood! As if homosexuality isn’t celebrated by ever cuck imaginable already.

 @buiIdhopes 2h
2 hours ago
#HeterosexualPrideDay: brought to you by the people who doesn’t want gay people to get married but they are marrying their cousins

South shaming. No, we don’t marry our cousins. We just have traditional values. You progressives hate that about us because yes, it makes us happier and more functional than you.

Seph Lawless‏
 @seph_lawless 32m
32 minutes ago
#HeterosexualPrideDay the straight man who started this hashtag went to a pride festival recently and felt it move then went into panic mode

Man bashing by a cucked beta male moron. Nuf said…

Francisco-Luis White‏ @FranciscoLWhite 1h
1 hour ago
#HeterosexualPrideDay would celebrate:

abandoned kids
ugly clothes
sexual repression

Are you tweeting this from your iPhone or you laptop? The wicked misogynistic patriarchy made those items. Give them back. And your house and car too while you’re at it.

Mark Romano‏ @TheMarkRomano 1h
1 hour ago
I reject identifying oneself by sexual orientation.
How about everyone just shut the hell up about it!

All politics is identity politics and identity is massively important. It’s why we’re losing the demographic war. Stop cucking.

neen‏ @the_ns 1h
1 hour ago
At long last, I can be accepted by society for being straight. #HeterosexualPrideDay

I know, right? I mean… I’m CONSTANTLY told that being a traditional woman who wants to get married and have kids makes me weaker and anti-feminist. Although, my sarcasm will probably be lost on the likes of you.

Tara McCarthy  ♥️
‏ @TaraMcCarthy_14 3h
3 hours ago
Proud to be normal.

Tara, you’re like a wonderfully aged wine. You get better and better every time I watch your videos or go on Twitter.

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