Let the schools fall

An excerpt from Vox Day’s collection of articles from 2001-2005 in “Innocence and Intellect.”

It is important to understand that there is no fix for this, because it is not a problem with the system. The school system we have today is exactly what it was designed to be – a place to detach children from the values of their parents, destroy their moral foundation and degrade their ability to think independently.

And suddenly the reasons why so many of my teachers put me in time out and degraded me in front of the entire class starts to make sense.

When I was still in single digits, my mother enrolled me in ballet. I didn’t have the passion for it, but it was a solid after school activity. We had a recital where all the girls had to perform a series of dance moves in a row. I did them backwards from the proper order because I wanted to be different. My teacher made sure I paid the price for the next few weeks for ruining her vision.

The same happened again in various other classes throughout my public school education. Deviance is punished. Independence is punished. Being unique is punished. Public schools are designed to indoctrinate. And it starts extremely young.

If you can swing it, home school your kids. Then maybe have them do a sport or activity in the evenings to make friends. But no amount of money is worth the unlearning your kids will have to go through after public schools or uni conditions them into believing Marxist ideologies. And the worries over their social skills….let them go. Kids do more damage to each other socially growing up in school than they do in a hockey rink.

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