Hit Piece Ahead

5952c6bc3b93bYesterday afternoon, I received this email from the fact checker at Harpers Magazine. A young woman contacted me weeks ago about appearing in an article she was writing on the Alt Right. I declined to participate. I’ve watched others on the right say constantly that doing any sort of mainstream interview is always a hit piece and does absolutely nothing to serve your best interests.

Given the abruptness and passive aggressive  tone in this email, I have no doubt that this case will be no different. It will be a hit piece that I will probably appear in. They’ll throw around the usual stuff. Racist Nazi white supreeeeemist. Because that’s what the media does to any white movement. They delegitimize it by cutting down white people in every way and telling them that any sort of group interest or preference is a pathology. And if you love your race, you obviously have a deep seething hatred for all other races. We in the Alt Right know that this isn’t true. But we will fight it with everything we can.

One thought on “Hit Piece Ahead

  1. The message talks about ‘fact checking’. I wonder what facts they might like you verify?

    Aside from that, I would agree any ‘alt-right’ article is a hit piece, because only the MSM/left uses the term, and only in derogatory fashion. So you’re probably right to ignore them. Of’course they’ll use that to bad mouth you as well,stating that you wouldn’t comment when given the opportunity.

    Oh well.


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