RIP Dell Laptop

So… I’m currently writing this from a friend’s desktop because as the title of this blog post implies, my laptop bit the dust this week. So long pal!

I have to give the Dell credit where it’s due because I worked that thing to its max and asked more of it than it was capable. It finally told me enough was enough by dying an instant death when I plugged in my new audio interface that I had just bought.

Although, the laptop needs to be condemned at the same time. I initially thought I got it in 2014 as I stated on Twitter. Turns out, I bought it in early 2016. Meaning it was 18 months old when it died. Pathetic! I had confused it with a laptop I bought previously because they looked so much alike and I don’t maintain useless info like that.

I’ve had two ASUS laptops, both of which died in two years. This Dell lasted 18 months. I’m currently looking into an i7 with a quad core to help me in the future. The Dell was an i7 dual core. I’m hoping that getting a quad core will help with a few problems I was having. But I’m sticking with PC, against all odds. I stopped into an Apple store the same day the Dell died convinced that I had to make the switch because f*ck PC. Or at least that was my mood at that time. Only to discover that the new MacBook Pro laptops leave much to be desired at their price points (toggles for USB…um, really?) and that the 2015 model was approx. $2,500 after AppleCare and taxes. A two year old laptop for 2.5k? Excuse me? F*ck you, Apple!

So I went exploring Best Buy for the next best thing. I think I found it. It’s not my first choice obviously and I’m now convinced that I’ll always be a PC girl, but I think it will do for now. I plan to buy it later this week as I will be away tonight and most of tomorrow. But until then, videos will be on hold until probably next week. And hopefully once I have this new equipment and more power, I can do a lot of things that my poor little Dell simply wasn’t strong enough to do. Like interviews. Skype was starting to freeze on me every ten minutes the week before it died which was why my Gorgo interview was live instead of Skype recorded. Boo!

So here’s to hopefully fewer problems in the future. Even though Windows 10 is one flawed mother fucker.


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    • Thank you so much. It was a heavy loss, but in the end I knew it was suffering and in pain. It was time for it to go. And hopefully the new one will allow for new ventures.

      • Like you, I live & die with my PC. I do everything I can to keep it going for as long as possible. Like a old glove or shoe, that machine is perfect for you. So changing it is always hard. It like loosing a friend.

        That pain is tempered by the joy of the new machine and all of the things it can do that the old PC can’t. So this can be fun once you get it configured. I like Win10 a lot, especially for social media programs and alerts. I suspect you will too.

        Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work!! Keep up the good fight!!

      • There’s no shame in this. Computers are great tools. We’re all addicted…Of course I’m biased because I’m a software engineer. 😇

  1. I was looking over new PC’s just out of curiosity as my 7 year old, Windows 7 Acer runs fine (even though I’ve worn off most of the letters on the keys). I noticed that many PC’s no longer come with a DVD player. What’s that all about?

    • I know, right? So many companies are going for a less is more type of attitude. Some Macs don’t even have USB ports anymore. You have to buy toggles. Ridiculous.

  2. Not only look at a quad core but look for one with at least 8GBs of Ram to operate that quad core properly. Having a quad core with only 3 or 4 GBs of RAM just isn’t worth the money.

    Also Skype is more of a MAC friendly program anyway. If you don’t have a shit ton of RAM on a PC, it will freeze up your computer’s operations of anything it is running. It will slow down your computer to a crawl. People with MACs don’t ever seem to have that problem.

    Do you realized you censored yourself when you wrote “fuck PC” but you were perfectly fine calling Windows 10 “a flawed mother fucker” at the end?

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