She Needs to Go Back

Sadly, this woman’s opinion is one shared by most black people I have met.

The woman in the video tries to make the argument of “poor whitie”… “my people have it so bad”…. “America is a racist society”… blah blah blah.

The one thing that I’ve heard from various Africans coming to the U.S. is that they’re disgusted by African Americans. They have every advantage handed to them such as affirmative action and diversity quotas, (privileges not often given to minorities in non-white countries), but they still find room to complain about muh white supremacy and muh racism. 

Blacks in America have gone from wanting segregation to end to actively calling for more of it because whites are so awful. Kinda makes one wonder why whites bothered with integration to begin with. We’ve regressed quite a bit. Whites are the one race in existence who have gone out of their way to make sure that minorities feel welcome and get included. Other races do not do this. Try going to Japan and claiming oppression because you’re a minority. No one will care or offer you any special privileges.

If blacks are treated so terribly here (even though every FBI crime statistic shows that blacks treat whites and other blacks with five times more cruelty than whites do to blacks), then feel free to repatriate back to Africa. Black majority countries have been free of those god-awful white people for quite a long time. They’re free of all white oppression. And that must be why their countries are positively flourishing now…


Oh shit…

It’s a shame that Tucker Carlson had to throw in the jab at identity politics. If only he knew that white identity politics are the only thing that’s going to save us from the wrath of black people such as this woman who will celebrate the dispossession of our country. But then again… it is Fox news.



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  1. I foresee the potential of another civil war in this country, only the reason behind it will be race driven. And at this point whites are so fucking fed up with blacks and their ways, especially the BLM terrorist group, that all us gun owners will be taking aim when possible if a civil war breaks out. It won’t be a government issued war, it will be a fed up citizen war.

    I am a firm believer that the majority of blacks and black culture has been the driving force of what is destroying this nation. Blacks are responsible for over 75% of the crime in this country with being less than 25% of the population. They are unable to integrate into white communities without literally destroying them and turning them into slums. Detroit is a PERFECT example of proof on how that happens. I have seen it first hand in the communities in my home county. You knew if you were in a black community or white community based simply on the looks. If there was trash all over the place, fences falling down, houses coming apart, bars on windows and even the shopping centers look like they came out of 1980s Beirut, then you knew you were in a black neighborhood. Just the opposite and your knew you were in a white neighborhood.

    Blacks hate whites, they hate mexicans, they hate africans and they pretty much hate anyone that isn’t on their side and can further their agenda of taking over. Granted that does not ring true for all blacks as some are even trying to get away from their own people and culture in this country.

    Bre, I know you hate this word but I only use it to illustrate a point. There is a definitive difference between a black person and a nigger. A black person tries not to bring everything down around him. The others go out of their way to do and to blame everyone else but themselves for it. You can put this dumb cunt in the video in the latter category. And there are far too many of them infecting our communities.

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