Only Irish can serve potatoes!

The only way to respond to such insanity of a Portland woman having to shut down her burrito stand because “cultural appropriation” is with equal insanity. 

Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post Portland Burrito Truck Shut Down After Being Accused of Culturally Appropriating Burritos

From: A (Northern) Irish Reader

I have lived in Portland.

It is a wonderful city and the people were warm and eclectic–and so far up their own posteriors it was hard for a guy like me from Belfast to comprehend.

I came to Portland from London, where I had been studying. Every Friday I would treat myself to a feast of that traditional British staple, fish and chips.

It was only later–when I noticed that the people who owned the fish and chip shop were Kurdish–that I realized I had been an accomplice in a cultural appropriation crime.

Needless to say, when some of my Portland friends invited me for dinner and suggested making potatoes (because I came from Ireland), I reported them to the authorities and had their kitchen bulldozed.

We must remember that the traffic can only go one way.

Only Italians should serve Italian food! Only Chinese should serve Chinese food! And so on and so forth the SJW nutjobs would have us believe. It sometimes feels as though in an insane world, the only way to make sense of it is to make fun of those who perpetuate the insanity. After all, they’ve been proven to have no sense of humor.

This morning, I’m drinking coffee. Lots of it. Did I just commit a crime of consuming a bean not off this country?

Not one fuck can be given.

One thought on “Only Irish can serve potatoes!

  1. lorac

    This could be a lot of fun, Bre.

    Blacks must stop straightening their hair, they must start wearing robes not clothing and start speaking an African dialect not English. And unless they’re going to the brush and spearing their dinner, they might as well just stop eating. OH – And affirmative action is a white program for blacks – pfft there that goes! lol

    Hopefully the children of all these youthful, sophomoric idiots will become more balanced and intelligent than their parents.

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