Jews call for outlawing right wingers in France

If France actually allows the Jews to pass a law banning racism from those running for public office, it will mean France is officially cooked. Remember when I made a video called “Will France Fall to Islam?” and lots of morons told me I was being paranoid and a radical?


On Wednesday LICRA demanded that, within the framework of his draft law for the moralisation of public life, Home Secretary François Bayrou render ineligible [for political office] persons convicted of racism, antisemitism, holocaust denial or discrimination.


This relates to Macron’s campaign promise to clean up politics by requiring that anyone standing for political office have a criminal record free of convictions for misappropriation of public funds, corruption, trading influence, and a list of various other things all related to the abuse of political office. But Alain Jakubowicz, president of the Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme (Licra) [International League Against Racism and Antisemitism] wants this list to be extended.

Moralisation, a matter of “Republican ethics”. But this list includes “a major omission”, he emphasises: “the expression of racism, antisemitism and holocaust denial, justification of crimes against humanity or terrorism and, more broadly, practices that lead to discrimination do not appear in the planned text’s field of application.” “We all know the effects that these crimes produce on our national cohesion and the weakening of our values of liberty, equality and fraternity,” and “elected officials have a special responsibility” in this sense, he adds. “The moralisation of political life is not just about probity. It is also a question of republican ethics,” concludes the LICRA president.

This would block Marine Le Pen and many other Front National candidates from standing for office since many have convictions for speech “offences”. “Hate speech” convictions are very common in France for anyone who speaks critically about immigration, thanks to the breadth of the laws in place. The Jews lobbied for these laws and it is usually Jewish-dominated associations who bring the prosecutions or complaints.

Soon it will be outlawed for right wingers to even run for President of France, as put forth by the Jews in France.

This is why people in the Alt Right like to harp on about the Jews. An obsession with the Holocaust, a completely irrational unwillingness to even listen to Holocaust revisionism (which is fascinating stuff considering those 6 million numbers always get rolled back dramatically when one takes a tiny microscopic look at the science, but suggesting that fewer deaths is a good thing makes one a bad guy), and an equally destructive obsession with telling whites of European descent that they’re desire for self-preservation is racist.

Proud Muslims are more than willing to admit that they desire to conquer the West. 

Screenshot (518)

And yet many French and other Europeans refuse to even hear the more than obvious battle cry.

Muslims love to play the part of the victim even when they have been the main perpetrators of aggression in nearly every single scenario whites are told to feel guilt for. Whites are routinely taught to feel guilty for the Crusades, even though they were a defense against centuries of Islamic aggression toward Europe. Whites are also told to feel guilt for the trans-Atlantic slave trade of blacks, even though blacks have been pretty damn good at enslaving each other and the Islamic slave trade of blacks was larger and ten times more brutal. Whites are told that their centuries of colonialism was brutal and awful and genocidal, while the Turkish Empire did just as much colonizing. And they never teach whites what goods colonialism brought to the world such as higher GDP, education, literacy rates, modern medicine, better birthrates, highways, cars, etc.

The knowledge that the Greatest Generation died in the gutters of Europe so that Europeans could willingly hand over their civilizations to those who openly and proudly seek to destroy it with their inbreeding and low IQ entitled and medieval barbarian populations is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night.

And don’t try telling me otherwise. The name Saffie has been stuck in my head now for over a week.


She died in the Manchester bombing. She was eight years old.

If our little girls aren’t worth being called racist for just to protect them, then what are we protecting? 

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