Well… I saw that one coming.

When shitlibs in YA publishing go after one another, they go for broke.

And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

Screenshot (525)

Screenshot (526)

Screenshot (527)


Apparently…. nutcase Justina Ireland started some shit with unicorn haired shitlib author Tristina Wright… (both have blocked me… as if that is going to stop anyone. Just open another browser you idiots), who took it personally when some fake reviews popped up on her Goodreads and she got a few mean tweets. Because getting mean tweets is the same as actual harassment… or something. And she got called names. So Justina called her names back. And now Justina’s Twitter is totally gone. Good riddance. 

Keep in mind this is a woman who went full throttle on me during DiversityGate.

Keep in mind this is a woman who called Kiera Drake’s novel ‘The Continent’ racist and destroyed her reputation and caused the novel to have to be rewritten because Kiera didn’t portray people of color in a fantasy world in a perfectly virtuous light.

Keep in mind this is a woman who trashed a novelist who wrote a WWII novel set in Nazi Germany and because it didn’t include the Holocaust in the novel.

Keep in mind that this a woman who claimed a Korean author didn’t have the authority to write a retelling of Mulan because Mulan isn’t Korean! Oh my god! Even the thought!

Keep in mind that this is a woman who after destroying other author’s careers with claims of racism… sold her services as a “sensitivity reader” to make sure YOUR novel doesn’t have any micro-aggressions that might offend generation snowflake. 

She therefore caused the problem, then profited from it.

Justina Ireland has destroyed author’s careers and loves to hold onto her victim status like a crutch. Because oh my god I’m so oppressed while living in one of the most free countries in he world! Try living in any other black majority country you fucking moron! You would NEVER be published in any of them.

I’m so thrilled to see this woman go down. I might even make a toast to it!

I just love how the left eats their own… don’t you?


UPDATE: Apparently this was yet another fight over diversity and the fact that Tristina Wright wrote…dare I even say it… a novel with white characters!

Come on. I called it. Pour me another glass of wine as I relax and watch the wrestling match. This is so delicious. I love it when I’m right.

Authors out there, don’t traditionally publish. These people are batshit out of their minds!


2 thoughts on “Well… I saw that one coming.

  1. BooksnVintage `

    Yikes, she sounds like a nut job. Bashing other authors like she has a history of doing, is one way to make me NOT want to read a book. The Mulan thing come on! I read a GREAT WWII 2 book series last year that didn’t center around the holocaust it was a super interesting one by Anne Blankman.
    I also read last fall Ryan Graudin’s alternate history series Wolf by Wolf. SO good!!
    People like Ireland will fall one day and when they fall it will be hard. People aren’t going to put up with this liberal crap forever.

  2. The great secret the Right must learn is how to evoke this kind of Leftist-eating-Leftist behavior. If there’s a way to get our adversaries to form a circular firing squad, we should bend a huge effort to finding it!

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