‘Snatched’ proclaimed racist

It’s a beautiful thing when lefties eats their own.

Amy Schumer is set to return to the big screen this weekend for the first time since 2015’s Trainwreck with the mother-daughter kidnap caper Snatched, alongside veteran actress Goldie Hawn, but negative early reviews from critics could threaten to spoil crucial word-of-mouth and dampen the film’s Mother’s Day weekend box-office prospects.

Snatched doesn’t hit theaters until Friday, May 12, but already reviewers from the New York Times, the Hollywood Reporter and IndieWire have derided the film as “lazy,” “uninspired” and “wildly scattershot.”

The film stars Schumer as Emily Middleton, who is dumped by her boyfriend just before a planned exotic vacation to Ecuador. While Middleton persuades her mother (Goldie Hawn, in her first film appearance in 15 years) to join her on the trip, the two get more than they bargained for as they try to survive after being kidnapped in the jungle.

In his review of the film, the New York Times‘ A.O. Scott calls the film “lazy, sloppy and witless,” and says Hawn in particular is “cruelly and inexplicably” denied the ability to be as funny as she can be.

Snatched is one of those movies that subscribes to a dubious homeopathic theory of cultural insensitivity by which the acknowledgment of offensiveness is supposed to prevent anyone from taking offense,” Scott wrote. “The idea is that if you use variations on the phrase ‘That’s racist!’ as a punch line a few times, nothing else you say or do could possibly be racist. Including, say, populating your movie with dark-skinned thugs with funny accents and killing a few of them for cheap laughs.”

Maybe the movie was populated with dark-skinned thugs because… dare I say, there are lots of dark-skinned thugs in third world country shit holes like Ecuador? Who the hell plans an exotic trip to Ecuador for god’s sake unless they’re virtue signalling how awe-inspiring those places are to their shitlib friends? *gag* 

But to see the left devour Schumer for this allegedly “racist” film after Schumer spent so much time demonizing Trump voters and threatening to move to another country if Trump was elected (which ironically she said she would move to a country that was white, not brown…hint hint), it’s glorious to see that there’s a strong likelihood that this film will flop.

The left will ALWAYS eat their own. Calling others Nazis and racists will never make you immune from their witch hunts.

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