Red pilling your women

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast does a fantastic job in this video telling men how they can attempt to red pill their women, particularly the ones with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

I can relate to Blonde here on so many levels. The main thing that bothered me about Trump before I was red pilled was his philandering as well. But when I learned that his ex wives are on good terms with him, his children by his ex wives adore him, and one of his ex wives even endorsed him for president and said he would be a great president, THAT was when I started listening. How one’s children of a former spouse respond is crucial when it comes to understanding the character of a man who leaves his wife, regardless of the reason. And when I learned that his children, all of them, pretty much adore him, I was willing to start listening. 

As far as other suggestions, realize ahead of time that some women can’t be red pilled. Some women who consider themselves feminists and honestly believe that they’re “liberated” while also having a chain attached from their ankle to that cubicle desk because they’re a “strong working woman” might not have the ability to hear you out. Some are legitimately willing to terminate friendships or relationships in order to maintain a belief that the patriarchy wants to hold them down, marriage is a prison, the Suffragettes fought for women who were horribly oppressed, and they need to conquer the world by hacking away at a keyboard in a cubicle for the next thirty years of their life. Then they cope by gorging on Netflix and a bottle of wine at night. Don’t try helping those women. They’ve made their own bed. Let them lie in it.

For those that can be red pilled, take it slowly. Stefan Molyneux claims that only 10% of the population can be persuaded with facts, logic, and reason. So I recommend using emotional arguments over logical ones. Which is extremely difficult. Trust me, I know. I’ve tried appealing to liberals through logic countless times and it was a worthless endeavor. They simply can’t hear you. Speaking to their emotions and not their logic is a honed skill that even I haven’t mastered. It takes time and effort. You must use rheotric!

Philosophicat did a wonderful video about this topic. She discusses how to better debate leftists with emotion rather than logic. Learning this skill will prevent head injuries from bashing your forehead against the wall when talking to a left leaning woman.

Good luck!


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