If you’re white, self-publish

The traditional publishing industry and SJW book bloggers were once trying to hide their obvious prejudice against whites and fell into the classic phrase of “you can’t be racist to white people.” Now they openly embrace their obvious anti-white agenda.

Screenshot (504)

No… you just want fewer white people. You can say you’re not anti-white when you’re clearly just pro-everyone else. But these cyclical patterns are too obvious for those red pilled enough to not see what it is you’re saying.

Anyone who tries writing a person of color into a story will be told they’re not worthy of doing so. And if they portray the character in a not 100% virtuous light, they’ll be hammered with the label of racist.

If you’re white, go around these freaks and self-publish. Hide your race. Use an icon for your pic. Do whatever you have to. But enjoy your writing process without these socialist freak shows telling you what you can and cannot do according to the diversity police.

They demand diversity, hammer on authors who don’t “do it right” (aka: those who don’t portray POC as superior), then claim they only want PoC authors writing PoC characters? That’s not very diverse, knuckleheads.

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