Publishers Don’t Have a Clue

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One of the main reasons I decided to stop querying agents and took a hard stance against the traditional publishing industry about this time last year was because of posts exactly like the one you see above. Traditional publishing is no longer about a heroic male lead who learns lessons, saves the day, wins over a girl’s heart, goes on a grand journey, and defeats evil. It’s become a hard left virtue signaling party that’s designed to raise up PoC, bash the shit out of white males, and make it appear as though whites are the only race even remotely capable of being racist.

What I love is that PoC like to act as though they’re so innocent and have never participated in genocide. As though the Cambodian genocide never happened. Or the Rwandan. Or the Kurdish. Or the Guatemalan. All races have committed genocide. But (((Hollywood))) and the publishing world have done a really good job of making it appear as though whites have been the greatest aggressors throughout history. It’s riddled in university historical textbooks and all courses that end in the word ‘studies,’ which should honestly be stripped from the curriculum entirely. 

I find it so interesting that the traditional publishing industry is trying to include more and more PoC, granted that they tend to read the least. The largest audience for SF/F fiction and often comics is white people. Always has been. But publishers are trying to gain all those PoC readers they are convinced are out there as their sales dwindle. And white males are getting pretty sick and tired of the constant bashing of white males and the constant insertion of a “strong female lead” who makes all men look incompetent and leads an army to fight a battle… because you know… that happens all the time. Most immigrants are learning to read English as a second language and aren’t likely to pick up a SF/F book, and the amount of people who actually go to a bookstore after graduating high school or university is staggeringly low. But apparently we need to keep catering to a demographic that reads the least. Sounds like a good plan, publishers. 

I hear more and more cases of authors having to censor themselves if they already have a writing contract. Publishers are hammering down the SJW ideology regarding diversity to such an intense degree that they won’t realize why their sales are depleting. And more and more debut authors will be cut as a result.

If you’re an author, don’t go traditional. Those who do are seeking one thing and one thing only. Validation. It’s a club that you don’t want to be a part of. Don’t be like them. Go for independent publishers or self-publish. Because if you make on mistake that the diversity police don’t like, you’re career will be over.

And by the way, Crysta from Ferngully is white. In fact, fairies in general are a white European creation. 

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