Small communities with less diversity

The beautiful Rebecca, also known as Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, did a wonderful video concerning her journey toward discovering that smaller towns in the state of Washington have better community cohesion, less diversity, and all around a better atmosphere for the purpose of raising children.

Smaller towns have a tendency to possess a better sense of community, especially in areas where third world ethnic minorities aren’t present. Oh, was that racist? I don’t care. It’s the facts. And the facts about third world ethnic minority crime rates are all that matter to me. 

Diversity is not a strength. Immigration is war. Experience taught me that communities, even small ones, that value diversity do not last long in terms of a sense of community trust. You can’t trust or even have a BBQ with a neighbor next door that wears a veil and can’t even speak English. That’s the sad honest truth. 

Robert Putnam, who wrote a book based on his findings pertaining to diversity being a strength sat on his work for years before publishing it because it revealed that diversity wasn’t a strength at all. It was a weakness and it destroyed local communities, big and small. And while raising children in the city, particularly in blue states, can be accomplished it certainly leaves a lot more to be desired.


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  1. Her video reminded me of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It has that small town vibe with little diversity. Great outdoor scenery. It is a much higher trust society. Much better for raising kids than the big cities in Texas where I’m near now.

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