Acid Attack in London Nightclub

Hey western ladies, sick and tired of your taste for “moderate Muslims” yet? There’s plenty more to go around if you’re not.

The Australian model who suffered horrific acid burns at a London nightclub has said she initially believed the attack was terror-related and thought she was going to die.

Isobella Fraser, from Sydney, was visiting her sister Prue, 20, in London for Easter and the pair decided to go to the Mangle club in Dalston for the first time on Monday morning.

Ms Fraser said she became separated from her sister when four men started pushing each other and the corrosive liquid was thrown from a ‘bottle of some sort’.

‘I felt like someone had spilled a drink on me, but I could smell gas and couldn’t breathe properly and knew I had to get out,’ Ms Fraser told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I thought it was a terrorist attack and we were going to die’. 

Ms Fraser said she was pushed to the ground when the 10 other victims fell in agony on Monday, including the two men who had the liquid poured on their faces.

‘Everyone was running and crying and pouring water on people,’ she said.

‘They were all big guys that you wouldn’t want to mess with no one could stop them’.

Ms Fraser and her sister suffered burns to their arms and back in the attack and took themselves to hospital after waiting ‘too long’ for paramedics to arrive. 

The Sydney model was visiting her sister, who has worked as a nurse in London for seven months, for the Easter long weekend.

She said they pair had never been to East London before. 

Two men were seriously injured in the attack when the male suspect threw the substance.

Ex-Premier League footballer Jamie O’Hara has condemned the ‘sick’ nightclub acid attack after revealing that his cousin was among the 12 people injured.

The Celebrity Big Brother star posted a picture of his relative Sadie Wright’s scalded face after the corrosive liquid was sprayed during an argument at Mangle in Dalston, east London. 

O’Hara wrote on Twitter: ‘Sick that my cousin got burnt from this acid attack in hackney, innocent people get injured for the sick act of violence, guy should get life.’

He also posted a second picture apparently showing damage to Ms Wright’s scalp, adding: ‘Blisters all over my cousins @SadieWrightxx head from acid attack in hackney, what is wrong with world that innocent people have to get hurt.’ 

The victims, both men in their twenties, remain in a serious but stable condition in hospital.  

The suspected attacker has not been arrested, police said.

There’s no such thing as “moderate Muslims.” Those who claim to be simply aren’t true practicing Muslims.

There is however such a thing as treating Muslims as though they’re an oppressed minority and therefore treating their continuous attacks on the west as trivial and not a full representation of their backward and medieval practices.

Acid attacks will continue to happen. Truck attacks will continue to happen. Machete attacks will continue to happen. What you won’t see happening is the hoaxing media labeling it as “Islamic terrorism.” The motive will simply be “unknown.”

If anyone proclaims that there are moderate Muslims or that this isn’t an accurate representation of Islam, dare them to read the Koran or to explain the recent history of Lebanon to you. They either know about neither or will look at you dumbfounded and call you racist. Even though Islam isn’t a race. It’s a religion and a political ideology. And no single religion in this world is above criticism. Unless it’s Christianity. Then it’s open season on those who happen to think that a fetus is a life. What backwards kinda of crap is that? Especially when moderate Muslims are beheading women in the streets of Saudi Arabia.

Sarcasm intended.

One thought on “Acid Attack in London Nightclub

  1. EVERY religion is NOT above criticism!!!!! Christians have done their fair share of killing people in the name of their religion over the centuries. Christians are not so open and loving as some would love to believe or portray. Christians are some of the most intolerant people on the planet. You’ll find to this day that many Christians would be just fine with killing Jews again a la Hitler style. EVERY religion has its radicals. For the record, I am atheist. Believing in some non-existent entity makes no sense to me. It’s like asking me if I think The Force is real. Muslims have their rich and ISIS just like Christians have their Pope and Vatican City. Have you heard how much money Vatican City and the Christians have? They could buy a third world country, industrialize it and force out any person who refuses to convert to their way of thinking and still get richer from it. That’s the kind of money they have. Religion is a fucking legalized ponzi scheme.

    However, MUSLIM = TERRORIST or POTENTIAL TERRORIST. Nothing less than that. EVER. They should ALL be treated as such.

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