Russian Teacher Gets Base!

And people wonder why the Democrats hate the Russians…

Russian Teacher Tells Students ‘Liberalism Is Freedom for Subhumans’

It’s a trend in Russian schools that keeps growing. Teachers and lecturers take a break from the class curriculum to berate their students for supporting anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny. Standing before a classroom, the room’s only adult tells a dozen or so teenagers that they’re ignorant, unpatriotic fools who don’t realize what horrors their civic activism will unleash upon the Russian Federation.

And then one of the students films the incident on a mobile phone, and uploads it to the Internet, where the world gets a glimpse at the reactionary hostility Russian schoolchildren have faced, since the country’s collective consciousness recently realized that young people might be fed up with almost two decades of the same political regime.

The latest footage comes from a high school in Tomsk — the same city where a local university professor recently criticized his students for attending last Sunday’s anti-corruption demonstrations.

Russian Teacher Tells Students ‘Liberalism Is Freedom for Subhumans’

The Tomsk high school teacher, whose identity isn’t being reported, delivered an angry diatribe against “liberalism,” calling his students “fascists,” “national traitors,” and “Anglo Saxon lackeys.”

“I’m older and higher status than you,”  the teacher told the classroom. “You people want freedom, is that it? [The liberals] gave freedom to all kinds of subhumans. Liberalism is freedom for the subhuman who exists at an animal stage of development; it’s when you say some scum is equal to a highly spiritual person. That’s the danger of liberalism! People aren’t equal in their level of development! And when you give equal rights to a five-year-old, a 14-year-old, and an 80-year-old, it is a crime. Liberalism leads humanity to hell.”

Well alrighty then. I think it’s safe to say why lefties in the states hate Russia. They gave up on communism and the toxic idea of equality. The older people (aka: the teacher) are old enough to remember to horrors of extreme liberalism. Apparently their youth need reminding.

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