When I Interview Someone…

I recently started interviewing people on my YouTube channel. I have aspirations of one day being able to afford a MAC and have a functional Skype recorder (the one for Windows is atrocious) and to be able to post multiple interviews a week. So many ideas! So little time and resources. *sigh*

But with interviewing other people, I developed a bit of a policy. I never debate the people I’m interviewing. It’s their time to have the floor. It’s their opportunity to be heard. It’s my viewer’s opportunity to hear a different voice. Those I interview might have opinions that vary from my own. I can often tell that they have views that are in deep contrast to mine, but I don’t care. That’s not the point!

I recently did an interview that quite a few Alt Right people didn’t like. The person I interviewed had some views that I respect even though I disagree on some levels. But I’m not about to start debating them. It’s their floor. It’s their time. And I’m going to be polite. One thing that drives me crazy when others do interviews is that they don’t really interview. They debate. They try contrasting the person they’re talking to and the viewer doesn’t get the chance to hear anything about the person being interviewed and what they believe.

That won’t ever be me. Don’t take all the views of those I host on my channel to be mine. Don’t take my interviews as a sign that I always agree. Don’t take my interviews as fact. Don’t watch if you’re going to be a sensitive little bitch.

I go with the flow in my interviews. I try to make my guest feel comfortable. And I try to give them a voice that’s not my own. 

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