Maryland’s Cultural Enrichment

When you see this happen…

New, brutal details emerged Monday in the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl at a Maryland high school by two male students, at least one of whom was in the country illegally.

The unidentified student at Rockville High School in Rockville, Md. was violently raped, sodomized and made to perform oral sex in a campus bathroom stall by the two males, according to court records.

Jose O. Montano, 17, from El Salvador, and Henry E. Sanchez-Milian, 18, from Guatemala, were charged with first-degree rape and two counts of first-degree sexual offense after they allegedly attacked the girl at 9 a.m. last Thursday.

“The victim was walking in a school hallway when she met two male students, identified as Montano and Sanchez. Montano asked the victim to walk with him and Sanchez. Montano asked the victim to engage in sexual intercourse. She refused,” Montgomery County Police said in a statement.

“Montano asked the victim again and then forced her into a boy’s bathroom and then into a stall. Montano and Sanchez both raped the victim inside the bathroom stall.”

And this happen…

Maryland Democrats this week took a major step to becoming a “sanctuary state,” drawing outrage from Republican Gov. Larry Hogan and concerns it would protect an 18-year-old illegal charged with raping a 14-year-old girl in a school bathroom last week.

The Democratically-controlled House of Delegates voted 83-55 to OK the Maryland Law Enforcement and Trust Act. Generally, it would bar state and local law enforcement from helping federal immigration officials seeking illegals, including requests to detain inmates for deportation.

All within the same week, you can only start to wonder if speaking of preventing the decline of the U.S. is not only illogical, but impossible. 

Those on the right were shocked to hear of the vicious rape of a 14-year-old in Maryland this week by illegals (one of whom is known to be one and the other speculated) who were four years older than her and placed in the same classroom. Not only was the age difference completely inappropriate for attendance of the same classes, but allowing someone who isn’t a U.S. citizen access to our public school system is downright insane. Illegals are entitled to nothing. Period. They have to go back. Or so common sense would dictate. 

It’s often the case that illegals who commit crimes in the U.S. can’t be sent back to their home countries because their own government doesn’t want them. And holding illegals in our prison system isn’t permitted by law for an extended period of time. So what happens? They’re simply allowed to go free and wonder the general populace once more until they commit another horrific crime.

More delightful cultural enrichment is undoubtedly headed toward Maryland as we speak.

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  1. The Maryland government is one of many reasons I left that state. Those dumbasses ALWAYS liked the idea of “taxing into prosperity” to be a good thing. The state taxes always raped your paycheck every week or two weeks. State taxes were always at a higher percentage than federal. My federal tax return averaged in the hundreds. My state tax returns averaged in tens.

    It doesn’t surprise me where it happened. Montgomery County. The richest county where tons of politicians and actors live. It’s more liberal than any other county. And the worst part is that I understand that the state has gotten MORE liberal since I left 11 years ago. It’s always been an anti-gun state, making Beretta move from there, and recently they’ve instituted an anti-constitutional, illegal, Slick Willy gun ban in the state.

    I can only suggest that those that still live there and hold to conservative views should do everything they can to move out of that oppressive state. Maryland is trying to be the new COMMIEfornia.

  2. I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of the media using the words “alleged” or “allegedly” in their broadcasts and articles. When there is overwhelming evidence, INCLUDING video evidence, in ANY case against someone, then THEY DID IT!!!! There is no “allegedly” about it. There is no ALLEGEDLY regarding these two criminal illegals raping this girl. THEY DID IT!!!! Fucking DNA evidence was found!!!! Since when does evidence equal allegedly??

    These LAMEstream media shits are so worried about being sued that they have lawyers write their news reports. Just another reason to hate the 90s. Everybody was suing somebody over something stupid. Remember that dumb bitch that spilled hot coffee on herself yet sued McDonalds and won? Or all the smokers that sued tobacco companies because they got cancer even though a warning label has been on the pack for over 50 years? And as a former smoker, that quit 15 years ago, which tobacco executive can I claim put a gun to my head and forced me to start smoking? That’s how it works, right? Isn’t that how it works? Aren’t I NOT suppose take responsibility for my own actions? It’s been all the rage for the past 25 years.

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