Beauty and the Beast shelved

I guess Russia is the bag guy again…

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Walt Disney has shelved the release of its new movie “Beauty and the Beast” in mainly Muslim Malaysia, even though film censors said Tuesday it had been approved with a minor cut involving a “gay moment.”

The studio said Tuesday that the film has not and will not be edited for release in Malaysia.

Screenings of the live-action re-telling of the animated classic was scheduled to begin screening on Thursday.

Film Censorship Board chairman Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid said he did not know why the film was postponed as it was approved by the board after a minor gay scene was axed. He said scenes promoting homosexuality were forbidden and that the film was given a P13 rating, which requires parental guidance for children under 13 years of age.

“We have approved it but there is a minor cut involving a gay moment. It is only one short scene but it is inappropriate because many children will be watching this movie,” Abdul Halim told The Associated Press.

The film’s characters include manservant LeFou, who plays the sidekick to the story’s villain Gaston, and, according to director Bill Condon, “is confused about his sexuality.” Condon has described a brief scene as a “gay moment.”

Russia last week approved the movie but banned children under 16 from watching it without the accompaniment of someone over 16.

Malaysia’s censors in 2010 loosened decades of restrictions on sexual and religious content in movies, but still kept a tight leash on tiny bikinis, kisses and passionate hugs. The new rules allowed depiction of gay characters, but only if they show repentance or are portrayed in a negative light. Sodomy, even if consensual, is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and whipping in Malaysia.

It’s a rare occasion indeed when I agree with a Muslim country on something. But Malaysia has it right. And Russia as well as Malaysia have the right to to tell Disney to go to hell or in Russia’s case to place age restrictions on the movie. This is a children’s movie that the left is intentionally using to push forth homosexual normalization. I’m sick of being told that homosexuality is normal when less then 3.8% of the population identify as homosexual. It was only removed from the DSM after social pressure from the gay lobby. Not because the APA came to some grand conclusion after years of study and a scientific breakthrough.

If Disney actually wanted to help out those who identify as homosexual, perhaps they should come out against the Islamic practice of throwing gays off of rooftops. Other than that, this is nothing more than a virtue signal that’s going to cost Disney potential ticket sales. Will the movie bomb? Probably not. But it definitely lost favor with more than Disney realizes.

3 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast shelved

  1. Synchronicity

    Some years ago I worked at a school. Organizing and shining up their library. It had been a bit of a mess for years.

    There was these booklets lying around everywhere…I mean everywhere!

    “Alle barnas homobok”… that translates from Norwegian to English as something like “The children’s gay book”

    I was so outraged by this…I took all of them from the shelves and threw them in the trash where they belonged.

    This is how creepy schools in Norway are….

      1. Synchronicity

        Yes, it was…and that was a public Norwegian school where the youngest children are 6(!) years old. That being said, those pamflets might have been pushed on them by some creepy lefty SJW organization. I’m sure some teachers must have noticed my purging and hiding of stuff I did not like…but no one ever asked me where those things was. I guess they just noticed that cool guy taking care of their messy library had happened to take care of other issues as well….like taking out their trash…

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