Better late than never

Maybe there’s hope after all.

LONDON (AP) — The Latest developments on Britain’s decision to leave the European Union: (all times local):

10:10 p.m.

Britain’s has moved closer to leaving the European Union, with Parliament giving Prime Minister Theresa May the power to file for divorce from the bloc.

A bill authorizing May to start EU exit talks has passed its final vote in Parliament’s upper chamber, the House of Lords.

The House of Commons had approved the bill weeks ago, but the Lords fought to amend the legislation, inserting a promise that EU citizens living in the U.K. will be allowed to remain.

They also added demand that Parliament get a “meaningful” vote on Britain’s final Brexit deal.

Both amendments were rejected Monday by the Commons, and the unelected Lords then backed down and approved the bill.

May is now free to invoke Article 50 of the EU’s key treaty, triggering two years of exit negotiations, by her self-imposed deadline of March 31.

The very fact that the House of Commons would try to gain a “meaningful vote” after the official vote from the British people took place last year is disgraceful. The House of Commons is clearly sending a message to their people that the House of Common’s opinion is the one that matters regardless of the results to the vote and the will of the people. Their politicians have completely lost touch with what their people want for their country.

The idea that E.U. citizens living in the U.K. should have the right to remain should be addressed in the same manner that Australia addresses their immigrants. With a point system. If they’ve lived there for a certain number of years, they should be permitted to stay. If they have family ties such as being married with children, they should be able to stay. But people who are living in the U.K with virtually no real skill set and who are taking jobs away from the British people by being there have no right to stay and could potentially end up on welfare.

Duel citizenship is insanity. You can’t be loyal to two countries, Britain and the E.U. Either get citizenship to Britain or get out.

I hope Britain soon gets the divorce it clearly deserves. I’m one for commitment, but when a relationship is doomed, one must address it quickly. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.  

2 thoughts on “Better late than never

  1. Tony

    TWO YEARS TO EXIT???? Seriously? It’s gonna take two freaking years for Britain to be finally free of the new middle east? A lot can happen in that two years.

    1. Smarta**

      Given all the trade deals, laws, and freedom to travel I think two years is realistic. Britain will have sovereignty immediately the way a spouse does when they get a separate living place. I don’t think Britain will allow a rush of migrants during all this.

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