Latina student tells whites to pay up

Remember… whites who have currently never harmed anyone are at fault for all past deeds and must pay up to those who have never picked cotton or been abused by the system.

A Latina student at Pitzer College in Claremont, California, was hoping to take a fun trip this spring break.

The student, Leandra Vargas, who identifies as “they/them,” just doesn’t want to pay for a lot of the costs of the trip, according to an email obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller.

Vargas emailed the “student talk” group of the $48,660-a-year college (plus room and board, according to U.S. News), and asked for some help with her expenses. And guess who she wanted help from?

The message is as follows:

“Whatsgood lovely folks,

Support QPOC Spring Break Trip:

bunch of us tryna get away from this toxic institution for the break & we were lucky enough to be lent a car. however, gas is expensive. we are hoping ppl are willing to support us in our ventures out to queer af oakland & some national parks find some spaceee to breatheee.

calling on white allies especially 4 ur support–

remember that everything that you are/have is due to the genocide and enslavement of our ppl…

yet all i’m asking 4 is a bit of cash to get us thru this week. thxx”

Being able to borrow a car is not enough for her. She wanted gas funds, too.

And why should people fund her spring break foray?

Oh, right. Because everything white people are right now is because of the enslavement of her people, apparently.


Children often plot to get what they want and how they can get their their parents to pay for it or in other ways provide for it.

Apparently, the mentality of “me, me, me” is sticking with some of this generation a bit longer than in the past.

Seriously, how entitled can you get?

You are owed nothing. You will get nothing. Especially not a job with those horrible English skills.  I don’t trust this chick to send an email with proper grammar yet alone take responsibility in a corporate office.


4 thoughts on “Latina student tells whites to pay up

  1. Trump's America

    Bre, I’m a Latino as I’ve stated before and… I’m sorry for people like ‘them’ (‘them’ — I’m using ‘their’ gender-neutral pronoun, you see? Hehe!) in your midst.

  2. Rainman

    My direct descendant arrived in Virginia in 1697 and was sold as an indentured slave. Yo.
    Originally he was Italian and was captured sailing in the Mediterranean by muslim slavers. He was kept as a slave for a few years in North Africa and then was sold to a passing British ship and ended up in the new world where he was sold by the British to a new American. My ancestor was a slave to 3 nationalities, the moors, the British and to an American. I am pasty white, as was he. 90% or more of all black slaves from Africa that ended up in the new world were sold first by muslims. Just like my direct ancestor. More than a million whites were taken as slaves by the African muslims moors. How much money do I get?

  3. Synchronicity

    Why dont the rest of the world start paying back the three trillions we gave them for nothing? Make up for the parasiting on our civilization? Start returning all we wasted on welfare? And just go home? After all whites are so evil we rather let them rape our children and wives than being call racist!!! 😡

    Yes! There is indeed room for apologies and payback here…and it is about time THEY do it.

  4. Smarta**

    I’ve got a bucket of chicken bones they can have. If they don’t want that I’ll gladly give them a 10 cent bullet between the eyes. After all, horses also sweat in the building of this country! Do they get reparations too? Zero cares given because no one cares about the hardships my ancestors endured.

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