It’s not just me

For all those SJWs firing away at me on my recent YouTube video, guess what? I’m not alone. There are more of me growing sick and tired of your antics and your agenda every single day.

ABC’s much-promoted new gay rights drama, When We Rise, is already proving to be a flop after drawing audiences way below the network’s primetime average, Variety has revealed.

The eight-part mini-series directed by Adi Hasak, which focuses on the activism of LGBT rights campaigners in the 20th century, has been the subject of criticism for seeking to depict middle America as homophobic and glorifying violence against the police in its portrayal of the 1969 Stonewall Riots.

On its premiere, the show attracted under 3 million viewers, which then fell by nearly a million viewers to 2.05 million viewers on its second part aired last Wednesday. It received a demo rating of 0.6.

To help boost ratings, ABC scheduled the latest episode of Modern Family, which also features themes of homosexuality and same-sex parenting, before the show’s second installment, although this did not prove effective.

When We Rise is not the first LGBT-orientated series to receive poor ratings. Shows including USA Network’s gay murder mystery series Eyewitness, (also directed by Hasak) as well as CBS’s Doubt, starring transgender actor Laverne Cox, were both canceled after their respective first season for failing to attract audiences.

Since taking office, President Donald Trump has pledged to uphold Barack Obama’s executive order protecting LGBT federal employees from discrimination. However, Trump has revoked Obama’s order instructing public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms not aligned with their biological sex.

I have nothing against individuals who claim to be homosexual. It’s their behavior and their demands for social acceptance that pisses me off to no end. This wasn’t an opinion I had or even respected only a few years ago. But the recent election opened my eyes to how homosexuals are being used by the left as a means to tear apart the nuclear family.

The left will turn on homosexuals in exchange for Islam, a culture that wants to make their lifestyle illegal without even giving it a second thought. And yet the majority of gay people were on HRC’s side, demanding  everyone accept their lifestyle choices regardless of the very traceable statistical repercussions it’s had on society. Not to mention that those who are claiming such tolerance and love and demanding acceptance go out their way to find bakeries run by Christians who don’t want to bake a gay wedding cake, then seek to destroy their business because of it.

You don’t get to demand social acceptance or oppression while displaying behavior that’s in direct contrast to what makes a healthy and happy society. Every single civilization that has allowed homosexuality to become normalized in the public eye has fallen a short amount of time later. Even ancient Rome. I often wonder if it’s too late to save the U.S. from eventual decline. According to Vox Day, the decline is inevitable. But when I see people rejecting the demand for acceptance from those who are the least accepting of others, it gives me a ray of hope.

8 thoughts on “It’s not just me

  1. Oh preach it sister! Amen! 👍

    We are sick and tired of these neo commies and their enforced PC agenda. The world is waking up. Its time for a brighr new dawn.

  2. Synchronicity

    I like your enthusiasm! Good to see people departing from the Demiurge…at last! Been waiting since the early 90z for this. Or even longer perhaps…

    Alt-righter from Norway…of all places.

  3. Righteousness exalts a nation. Wickedness and perversion will bring the downfall of a nation. I have not known of an individual, groups of people and/or nation that has successfully fought against God; God has never lost a battle, called a retreat and it is never safe to disobey Him. He is never mocked with success. America as a nation filled her cup of iniquity the day she legislated sodomy by law. Marriage (between a male and female) and its twin, the Sabbath day is ordained by God. No power or entity can change that. To do so is to challenge God and He is a force to reckon with. Thank you for writing, Bre!

  4. There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against God. America, unless she confess her multitude of sins, repent, and forsake those sins and make equitable restitution, she will be brought to her knees very, very soon. Parents, gather your children away from this foolishness. We will all have to give an account where we have neglected to do justice and elevate righteousness. Watch!

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