PewDiePie Gets It

It’s a real relief to see a man who’s not afraid of the media or the SJWs. Who in fact, likes to stir things up a bit.

One of the reasons I’ve been drawn to the Alt-Right is because it’s a movement that was entirely born from the internet. It doesn’t need the media in order gain popularity. It doesn’t need the exposure because it can spread on it’s own with its ideas and with the knowledge that leftist arguments can be knocked over with a feather.

PewDiePie made a Jew joke and a Hitler joke. He might not be Alt-Right, but he understands the media. Then J.K.Rowling had a fit about it all over Twitter calling it hate speech. Yep. That’s right. The woman who wrote about Rita Skeeter and the terrible media lies pertaining to her beloved Harry Potter is now taking the side of the corrupt media and doing the bidding of the establishment much like the Ministry of Magic. I don’t know what’s more disturbing. That she has no self-reflection abilities or that she wrote these books with the intention of denouncing the very behavior that she now possesses. Which is why the final few seconds of the video made me laugh like a child.

PewDiePie is proof that the media doesn’t care how big you are. They will come after you as proof that anyone can be touched. But not PewDiePie. This is the kind of attitude I’ve come to admire.

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