Witches. Commies. Terrorists. Russians. Oh my!

They once called them witches. Then communists. Then terrorists. Although, the commie name is still relevant when you dig down to the core of the problem.

With the Russian ambassador’s meetings seemingly a daily fixture in the CIA/FBI-leaked NYT or WaPo front page news, Russia warned on Friday that efforts to restore relations with the U.S. are being harmed by a “malicious campaign” waged by unknown Americans over meetings between its ambassador and President Donald Trump’s administration.

In an interview in Moscow, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, the political controversy over Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak’s contacts with U.S. officials is “harming our relations which are already in a bad condition, having been deliberately destroyed by the Obama administration.” He added that “it’s clear that the current situation hinders the restoration of these relations on a positive path of development.”

Russia seeks “practical cooperation in areas where such cooperation is needed” with the U.S., including on counter-terrorism, nuclear non-proliferation, economic investment and a settlement to the Syrian war, Ryabkov said adding that “we’ll continue to work hard” to restore relations.

In addition to Ryabkov, Russia’s deadpan Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov argued that contacts with officials and lawmakers are part of any ambassador’s duties. According to AP, he said that the pressure on Sessions “strongly resembles a witch hunt or the times of McCarthyism, which we thought were long over in the United States as a civilized country.” In the 1950s, Sen. Joseph McCarthy led a hunt for purported communist infiltrators in the U.S. government, often involving unfounded accusations.

Trump blamed Democrats for the controversy in a statement on Thursday night, “They lost the election and now, they have lost their grip on reality. The real story is all of the illegal leaks of classified and other information. It is a total witch hunt!”

As it turns out, the Democrats aren’t really afraid of war. They claimed that we should be terrified that God-Emperor will start WWIII if he ascended to the cherry blossom throne. Then they turn around and see evil Russians around every corner and have no problem with baiting Russia into another potential cold war over false and often times comical allegations.

I once spoke to a Russian foreign exchange student in university. Maybe that swayed the election. I also ate Russian Borscht while in England. Equally incriminating. Then there’s the fact that I have a love for the old Russian song Dark Eyes. Oh, and I was obsessed with Anastasia Romanov conspiracy theories in the 7th grade. I guess that makes me a Russian agent by today’s standards. Which after watching many spy movies where the Russians were badass assassins, I gotta say, I like the sound of it.

Although, my check from the Kremlin is a bit late. Should I be worried?

Russiaphobia *cough* (liberalism) doesn’t currently have a cure. But we can pray.

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