Nigel Gets It

The U.S. has the same problem. The left has control over the universities, the arts, and our culture. They’ve convinced a whole generation that any opinion outside of leftism should be conquered with silence and violence. And they don’t even have to feel sorry about doing so as long as they scream “fascist” or “racist” as they shut down or cut off anyone who disagrees. They can’t win the battle of wits or arguments without including a slur word as if that’s an appropriate way to exchange ideas.

Little do they know that they are single handedly making Generation Z the most conservative and right wing generation since World War II.

Well done!

2 thoughts on “Nigel Gets It

  1. The ones you are talking about are NOT fascists..they are communists…and they are NOT becomming fascists..biggest misstake to call them for that. Fascism where the ONLY opposition to bolsjevism and communism during the 1930-ies..! As a matter in fact they stand for tradition, the countrys culture and the meaning of fascism is to try making the best of their people giving them the best opportunities to succeed to be the best the can. Also fascist try to see their country as a business or like a corporation. They know there will be people with different abilities and they are going to succeed differently..some will do very well and some will do less well…but they don´t want these people to get involved in a classtruggle because that splits the country in part and makes the country easier to conquer by an enemy. They want the people to be as good as they can but not look down on other countrymen that didn´t make it as well as they did. And vice versa…!

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