Immigrant Protest an Epic Failure

As it turns out, the U.S. can get by without immigrants. It even fires them.

The “Day Without Immigrants” protest demanding amnesty, lax immigration enforcement, and cheap labor practices fizzled in most U.S. cities, and now many demonstrators have lost their jobs for skipping work.

NBC News reports at least 100 workers lost their jobs at different restaurants and businesses after the February 16 protest.

Migrants who advocated for the wage-suppressing, cheap labor policies allowing them to work in the U.S. found themselves rapidly replaced by new workers. One business, the I Don’t Care Bar and Grill in Catoosa, Oklahoma, fired several workers by text message: “You and your family are fired. I hope you enjoyed your day off, and you can enjoy many more. Love you.” The next day, the restaurant posted an announcement looking for new workers on Facebook.

The migrant workers say they felt their firings were unfair, but the owner had a long-standing “no call/no show” policy.

Another 18 employees working at Bradley Coatings in Tennessee told their bosses they were skipping work to protest in a “Day Without Immigrants” demonstration. The business promptly fired them for missing work.

“I would tell him he was unfair, after working for them for so many years, giving him our best,” one migrant worker told KTNV. “They could not understand that it was just one day. We were going to make up that day on a Sunday, but they didn’t understand that, and it was not the best way. They didn’t give us an opportunity and just told us we were fired.”

Many protesters in the “Day Without Immigrants” marches waved foreign flags to emphasize they were loyal to countries whose main export was cheap labor–with costs inflicted on taxpayers and profits awarded to employers.

This world owes you nothing. You’re not entitled to better treatment because you’re breathing. You’re not owed U.S. citizenship (especially if you broke the law to get here). You’re not owed a job if you don’t show up to work. You’re not owed a better wage if you don’t have a particular skill set or if you don’t work overtime. You’re not owed a thing. Period. And whining about it is the behavior five-year-olds display when they don’t get a candy at the grocery store.

3 thoughts on “Immigrant Protest an Epic Failure

  1. Tony

    Our nation may once have been built on immigrants working hard to make something but this country has been well established for over two centuries. We don’t need immigrants working here anymore. We need CITIZENS working here. Our nation has gotten to the point that immigrants contribute NOTHING of substance enough to help this nation. Illegals most of all. The sign should now say “NO VACANCY!”

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