Will Europe Fall?

It has been my fear for quite some time now that Europe will see war. Whether that be Civil War or a war instigated by the Muslim population once they have a political party (which let’s face it, tick tock), who really knows.

After having lived in England and spending a considerable amount of time in France, I feel as though I’m familiar with the attitudes that both these cultures have. The political correctness I experienced while living there only five years ago was enough to make me long to be back in the U.S. Even though political correctness has had it’s slimey fingers tangled into the web of minds in the U.S. for quite some time, as least here I can go to a shooting range to air out my frustrations. Something that would be abhorrent to those I met in Europe.

Then I see videos such as the one Blonde made only yesterday. Her travels to Germany serve as a harsh reminder of the mindset I experienced while in Europe. It appears as though some things haven’t changed. And who knows what it will take for Europeans to wake up. If they wake up. Perhaps they will simply roll over to Muslim rule. And if that does happen, we will enter a time when everything is uncertain, except for the continued rate of crime that sweeps every nation that permits these Islamic economic migrants in.

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