One thought on “The Damage Done by Women’s Liberation

  1. Rainman

    Excellent video, but from a limited perspective. From my perspective, I don’t see many women demanding I step aside and let them snake a sewer drain. Or work on a garbage truck. Or be coal miners, ect. I see women demanding to be in the infantry in the army. We also see them getting injured at insanely hi rates compared to men. One problem they finally admit to. Women in the infantry while out in the field often won’t drink the fluids they need, leading to injuries. Why? You drink, you need to pee, and women don’t want to drop their drawers and squat down in front of the guys. Men have no such modesty about turning away, unzipping, and wizzing away. This example seems stupid, but it is a real problem in the service leading to many injuries. Your video and my comment could be 10 thousand words longer so I’ll end here. Good video.

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