Bono criticizes the Wall

Bono, the eternal “it’s all environment” frontman for humanitarianism now wants to tell Americans that there’s no wall high enough to keep out Islamic terror. Let’s listen to him say the same thing to Israel, Norway, Mexico (along the southern border) and Hungary… all countries with walls meant to keep out Islamic terror or illegal immigrants.

U2 frontman Bono condemned the idea of a “national border” as the best way to protect one’s country from Islamic terror.

“I don’t see a body of water wide enough or a wall high enough to keep these problems from our doors,” the Irish rocker said before world leaders Friday at the Munich Security Conference in Germany.

“The frontier of national interest is no longer the national border,” Bono said. “You may not be interested in the trouble on a far-off street or across the Mediterranean on the other side of the globe, but let me assure you, that trouble is interested in you. Our fate is a shared fate. But which fate will it be?”

A longtime humanitarian activist, Bono urged world leaders to promote investments in development and education in third world countries like Nigeria. He warned that the Islamic terror group Boko Haram could push the African country into a “humanitarian crisis” like the one we see in Syria.

“We need to help African leaders make sure that their young people find work, or they’ll find trouble,” Bono said. “From where I stand, if Nigeria fails, Africa fails. If Africa fails, Europe fails. And if Europe fails, well, then the world has a very, very big problem. We need to help African leaders make sure that their young people find work, or they’ll find trouble”

Here’s a bright idea, Bono… please use your own damn money to supply sub-Saharan Africans with endless resources for their education. The rest of us will use that money for the wall. After all, it has worked for many other countries to build a stronger border. But apparently, when America has a border, it’s racism. When Norway, Hungary, Mexico and Israel have a wall, it’s sensible and necessary. There’s a reason why you haven’t heard about Islamic terror attacks in Hungary or Norway.

Someone needs to give Bono a hardcore lesson on race realism before he pockets more charity money that was meant for the Africans. I hear he gave half of his donations one year to his staff for his poverty foundation as their salary. Oops. There goes Africa. But at least Bono got to virtue signal.

One thought on “Bono criticizes the Wall

  1. Tony

    Yet another moron celeb that thinks he knows more and better than the rest of the world. He is just trying to stay relevant. He and U2 haven’t been relevant for over 20 years. The logical thinkers of this time couldn’t give two shits about his political causes anymore.

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